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School History And Tradition


St. Francis Xavier Catholic School

St. Francis Xavier Catholic School welcomed its first group of students in 1959. As the St. Francis Xavier community grew, additions were made in 1964 and 1981 that brought it to its present size. The school celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1984, the year of the papal visit.





Our school is named after the Jesuit priest who lived from 1506 until 1552. Francis Xavier was a colleague of Ignatius of Loyola and did missionary work for the church in both India and Japan. His missionary work carried him throughout many of the islands of the south seas. He was on his way to a new posting in China when Francis fell ill with fever and died. He was canonized by Pope Gregory XV in 1622 as St. Francis Xavier and December 3 was fixed as his feast day.


St. Francis Xavier Catholic School is located in the parish of St. Fidelis. Some members of our school community also attend St. Bernard Parish, but our students traditionally have received the sacraments of first communion and confirmation through St. Fidelis Church. School liturgies are well-planned by a staff liturgical committee and take place both at the church and at the school during the school and liturgical calendar year.

A famous quote of St. Francis Xavier is,

"Give me the children until they are seven and anyone may have them afterwards."

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