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Toronto Catholic District School Board

News in 2013 - 2014


SOAR - new online registration system

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Christmas Message from our Trustee


Christmas Greetings
Each year in December we celebrate the virtue of charity. What a fitting time, during
this season of love and peace, to focus on  giving to others—sharing our many gifts—
with others. I applaud our school communities and our parishes for the work
that they do during Advent, and throughout the year, to support those who are less
fortunate. The outpouring of love and charity is overwhelming. I thank our
parents and our staff for being wonderful role models for our young people to follow.
I thank all of you for the role that you play in making our board the biggest and best
In the world.
I hope that this Christmas season brings you great joy and peace, and time to relax
and reconnect with those who are most important to you.
Wishing all of you a happy and blessed Christmas,
Sal Piccininni


New Year's Message from our Trustee 


Welcome to 2014!
I trust that you have all had a wonderful Christmas break and  hope that you have had time to relax and rejuvenate and celebrate Christmas with your loved ones.
The new year always brings with it new possibilities, new opportunities and new challenges.
I look forward to working with all of you in the ward 3 community during the months ahead, and encourage you to contact me with your concerns and questions.
Families with young children are reminded that registration for kindergarten starts January 8th. New this year is the opportunity to submit your registration application online and save valuable time. The online form can be found at We are pleased to inform you that for September 2014 full-day kindergarten will be offered at all schools throughout the board.
Happy New Year! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.


Sal Piccininni


Trustee, Ward 3