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Thank you to Cathy from Cathy’s Crawly composters for engaging students during a very hands-on and informative session about the versatility of vermicomposters and their importance. Students from all grades learned exactly how the three tower chalet composter works, using a three layer structure in which soil, thin newspaper strips, egg shells and most importantly a variety of worms, such as nightcrawlers eat the materials and further enrich the soil with their castings, excellent for uses such as gardening.
Students experienced first-hand how these tiny creatures provide such an important function for anyone intent on growing and caring for plant life. The students touched these small creatures and observed egg specimens no larger than a sesame seed which can contain upwards of twenty eggs. The vermicomposter will be a welcome addition to the eco-garden which was initiated last year and has yielded a variety of crops, ranging from sunflowers, tomatoes to beans.
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