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About Us


How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students?
The St. Gabriel Mission Statement is as follows:


“Acknowledging the Mission and vision statements of the TCDSB, we at St. Gabriel Catholic School will strive to create an environment in which the meeting of the individual's intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social and physical needs will foster academic excellence, peaceful co-existence, creative problem-solving and personal community and global responsibility.”
In keeping with the statement, our school is committed to the collaborative development, implementation and review of programs to ensure that they are excellent, equitable and reflect an individualized integrated learning experience for students. This is achieved within the framework of a Catholic education philosophy.
Of paramount importance is the necessity of providing a safe and welcoming learning environment for our students. Programs and practices have been devised to ensure that this happens. Not only does St. Gabriel have a clearly defined code of behaviour, it also has an organized safe arrival program. We continue to stress the need for effective conflict resolution strategies and self-esteem programs.
The staff and parents of St. Gabriel recognize the uniqueness of every student. Individual needs of students are met in a variety of ways including access to:
- Special education programs
- Enrichment/gifted programs
- Guidance/social work
- English as a second language and French as a second language
- Speech and language assistance
St. Gabriel School places a high priority on diversification within the regular program. Appropriate adjustments are made to program outcomes to reflect the school culture, linguistic diversity and student learning styles through:


- An integrated curriculum
- Excursions
- Computer literacy programs
- Special art and drama productions
- Teaching/learning activities that meet student needs
- Individual and group activities
- Paired reading
- “Be free” program
- Prime mentors

Our school day is enriched and enhanced by many co-curricular activities. Students are involved in religious celebrations, young authors programs, mathematics projects, choir, a drama club, play day, carnival, W5H, curriculum fairs and athletic activities including very successful ski excursions and Toronto-wide swim meet