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21 C Innovators’ Day at St. Joseph Morrow Park CSS
On Wednesday, February 19, 2014, teachers from all area 4 schools will be taking part in the
21 Century Innovators Day, an evolving TCDSB initiative which is being coordinated by TCDSB’s 21 C Learning and the AICT Department and led by Local Area committees of Vice-Principals. It is based on the competencies of the Next Lesson (which integrate learning skills and the Ontario Catholic Schools Graduation Expectations).
The intent of the project is to help educators develop an understanding of teacher practice in the 21st century and how that translates into practice.
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On Wednesday, April 23, 2014, teachers from elementary, secondary and Section 23 panels  attended Day 2 of the Area 4 21st Century Innovators Days.  It was day for teachers to share “effective practices” and to continue to design and implement learning experiences that incorporate 21 C fluencies with the aim of enhancing teaching practice and learning for students.
Teachers were actively involved in using strategies that support 21st Century lesson competencies and demonstrated the use of technology and resources in ways that effectively support student learning and teach transferrable skills.
Teachers presented resources, web based applications and ipad tools during a session of tech tips as well as participating in break-out sessions that involved sharing effective practices, successes, artifacts and resources which focus on learning experiences that are anchored in 21 C fluencies.
Our own Grade 2 teacher, Ms. Ryu and the vice-principal joined other presenters from Brebeuf Secondary School, St. Bonaventure, Our Lady of Wisdom, Blessed Trinity, Section 23, and St. Monica, specifically presenting on projects pertaining to the Good Samaritan with a focus on collaboration and the use of screencast technology to create a Film/Video game review that focuses on Knowledge Construction and the Use of ICT. Grade 3 teacher, Mari-Berje Georgy from Our Lady of Wisdom CS also presented her innovative math activity entitled “Identifier, comparer et décrire des solides” which links collaborative structures, concepts and skills from 3D geometry to airports in real life.
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