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    On Monday, January 20, 2014, the grade 7 and 8 students from Ms. Corvinelli and Ms. Meskawy’s classes met celebrated British author of the Young Samurai and Bodyguard series, Chris Bradford, through a virtual Skype author visit. As a precursor to the actual session, students were guided through a virtual tour of the Young Samurai series at , and they fully immersed themselves with a video reading of an extract of The Way of Fire. Students familiarized themselves with Japanses culture and the martial arts of Kendo and Kyujutsu to better inform their understanding of the genesis of characters Jack and Akiko. Afterwards, students were engaged by the knowledge and expertise of Chris as he explained the craft of swordmaking as well as the process of writing a novel based on an ancient topic and his sources of inspiration. Students interacted with the author through a seamless flow of questions and responses via Skype about topics ranging from martial arts, the life of a writer, raising young children, and interest in the musical arts. Chris treated the audience to his rendition of “Hey Jude.” All in all, it was incredible experience to meet a rising star in the world of action/adventure fiction.