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Toronto Catholic District School Board

"Yes I Can Award" Recipient



We are very pleased to announce that Emma in grade 6 has been awarded the “Yes I Can Award” from the Council for Exceptional Children.  This award recognizes the achievements of exceptional students in a variety of areas. Emma has been recognized in the area of the Arts. Congratulations Emma! We are so proud of you. You are a most deserving young lady. Kathy Adamcyk from the Council for Exceptional Children presented Emma with the award on May 30th. This is what appeared in the awards booklet:
When Emma arrived at St. Gabriel Catholic School in September 2009 in her grade 3 year, we knew she was someone special and unique.  Emma is an intelligent, articulate and mature young lady way beyond her years who wants to be treated just like everyone else.  She also truly has the voice of an angel.  Emma has participated in private vocal music lessons and community choirs for many years now. She has been a valuable member of the school choir and drama club since her arrival at St. Gabriel, and has had many lead roles in the schools’ musicals, led by drama teacher , Corra Colella.  Moreover, Emma auditioned for a grade 7 vocal music placement at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts school earlier this year and recently received an offer of admission.  Everyone is so pleased for her!  Emma will be a blessing to her new school community.  Having said that, she will be greatly missed.
Emma’s resilience, strength and determination are unparalleled.  She is an extraordinary role model for anyone, but particularly students with physical disabilities and learning challenges.  For Emma, her exceptionalities are not disabilities, they are simply different abilities.  She is a most deserving young lady for the Yes I Can Award.