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Carnival D'Hiver 2013 


It’s that exciting time again! We are in the process of planning Carnaval D’Hiver for the week of January 21-24, 2013. The Carnaval D’Hiver is one of the highlights of the French programme as it is an important event of French Canada. Since we cannot all go to the Quebec Winter Carnival to experience and participate in this wonderful celebration, we are going to bring the Carnaval D’Hiver to St. Gabriel.
The goals and aims of education and the French programme specifically support the Carnaval D’Hiver by assisting students:
·         To gain an appreciation of the French presence in Canadian life and in the world
·         To develop respect and understanding of other cultures
·         To become familiar with the customs, geography, traditions, history and arts of French Canada
The Carnaval D’Hiver will consist of many educational activities and will be integrated into our regular program. Here is a brief schedule:
EACH DAY – Opening exercises (Prayers and Trivia) will be in French; French Bingo Game; Guest appearance of “Bonhomme” and guessing of Bonhomme’s identity (5 guesses for $1.00)
Monday, January 21st -               Cinema Carnaval
Students will view the video “Carnaval Quebec” and then enjoy a hot chocolate and a treat.
Tuesday, January 22nd -             Red and White Day/Crazy Tuque Day
Dress up with the colours of Bonhomme and the Canadian flag. Decorate and wear a tuque.
                                                      French Story Telling by Marylyn Peringer.
Wednesday, January 23rd -         French Dress Up Day
Students are encouraged to dress up with a French, carnival or winter theme.
                                                       Assembly for “Unveiling of Bonhomme” – 2:45pm in the gym.
Thursday, January 24th            French Story Telling by Marylyn Peringer.
Friday, January 25th                  P.A. Day – no school for students.
We are looking forward to this wonderful event and we hope that everyone will actively participate in the Carnaval D’Hiver 2013.