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Student Council 2013-2014

On Tuesday, October 8 we held our annual Student Council Executive elections. Eighteen very brave and well spoken candidates from grade 7 and 8 presented their election speeches to students from grades 4-8.  Following the speeches, students had the opportunity to vote for their new Student Council Executive. We are pleased to announce the St. Gabriel Student Council Executive for 2013-2014:
​Prime Minister ​Destini                                                                                                            
​Deputy Prime Minister Savannah
​Secretary ​Megan
​Treasurer ​Matthew
In addition to the Executive, each class from grades 4-8 has elected a Student Council class representative:
​Ms. Napoleone Grade 4 ​Ashley                                                                                                                          
​Ms. Capozzoli Grade 4 Kyu Bin
​Mr. Alam Grade 5 ​J.D.
​Ms. Gauthier Grade 5 ​Marcus
​Ms. Shortt Grade 6 ​Joe
​Mr. Addorisio Grade 6/7 ​Nicole
​Ms. Porter Grade 7 ​Richard P.
​Ms. Meskawy Grade 7/8 ​Alimat
​Ms. Corvinelli Grade 8 ​Nora

Our Grade JK-3 classes will have a representative assigned to their class.

Our first Spirit Day was held on Thursday, October 31.  Students were encouraged to dress in their Halloween costumes or orange and black for a fun-filled, frightful Halloween.  Every student who participated in this Spirit Day earned one Spirit Point for their class. Spirit Points are accumulated throughout the year and in June, the class in each division with the most Spirit Points wins a special prize. Our second Spirit Day will be Monday, November 11, Red Day.  Students are also encouraged to donate funds to the Canadian Veterans as they dress in red to commemorate Remembrance Day. Spirit Points will also be collected.

We are also very excited about our December initiative: A food drive for St. Vincent de Paul beginning December 2. Please stay tuned for further details on this exciting event.
The St. Gabriel Student Council Mandate is as follows:
  • To organize and/or promote school activities and events in order to generate a stronger sense of pride and school spirit
  • To gain knowledge of the democratic process and related procedures
  • To seize the opportunity to develop leadership and organizational skills
  • To be available and responsive to student body concerns
 Possible Areas of Student Council involvement include:
  • Community Outreach (food drives, etc.)
  • “Spirit Days” and Dress Down Days
  • Promotion of special classroom events
  • Fundraising