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A full range of extra and co-curricular activities is available to the students.


Sports And Field Trips


The Toronto Catholic District School Board has a tradition of student, staff and community participation in extra-curricular activities.  At St. Gabriel Lalemant, this commitment supports our belief that student learning extends beyond the classroom. Our students are encouraged to participate in field trips that are a valid extension of, or an enrichment of, the regular school curriculum. Such trips include visits to neighborhood sites (library, police station, parks, skating rinks etc.), or to city sites (the ROM, art galleries, Pioneer Village, ski resorts, conservation areas etc). A variety of school sports teams and clubs will allow many students to travel to other schools to compete in tournaments. In addition, teachers may also choose to take students on overnight trips to sites that are within driving distance from Toronto (Lake St. George, Teen Ranch, Claremont Conservation Area etc.). In all cases, parents will be notified of trips well in advance, in writing, and parental permission will be required for the student to attend.  It is Board Policy that no student be prevented from going on an educational trip due to economic constraints. If cost is an issue, parents should contact the Principal in confidence.