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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Creating and Maintaining a Safe and Caring School
According to Jean Vanier, founder of L’Arche International: “the antithesis of bullying is to build community”.
This statement is the foundation of all that we do here at St. Gerald. We hope to provide an emotional healthy, inclusive school in which children feel safe to try new things so that they can learn and grow.
What does it mean to be an UPSTANDER?
An “upstander” is someone who recognizes when some is wrong and acts to make it right.
-when an upstander sees of hears about someone being bullies, she/he speaks up.
-if is not safe to do so, an upstander reports the information to an adult who will help
5 Ways to be an Upstander
1. Help others who are being bullied: report to an adult / go over to them/ walk with them
2. Stop untrue or harmful messages from spreading online or in person
3. Welcome new students
4. Play/sit/interact with the person who is alone
5. Respect others differences
Some Websites that may be of use:

Parents may also sign out a "We All Belong" kit which was produced by COPA.



Safe Schools Program

The Toronto Catholic District School Board (the “TCDSB”), including staff, students, parents, and trustees is committed to the TCDSB’s mission of providing a safe and welcoming learning environment that supports academic excellence and is an example of Christian Community.  This mission is affirmed in TCDSB policies, including the Violence Prevention Policy.  Every member of this community - student, teacher, parent/guardian, support staff, trustee, parish priest, volunteers or others while on TCDSB property, at TCDSB sponsored events and circumstances that could have an impact on the school climate - is governed by the policies of the TCDSB and shares in the responsibility for creating a positive environment that is safe, harmonious, comfortable, inclusive and respectful.


Safety Tips