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School History And Tradition

St. Gerald Catholic School was opened in September 1968 and has served the northeast community of Willowdale with distinction. The following is a historical perspective of our Patron Saint, St. Gerald of Mayo.
St. Gerald was born in the year 732 in Northumbria, England. He later traveled to Ireland, where he became Abbot over two monasteries, which included both English and Irish monks.
As the Abbot of Mayo, St. Gerald brought peace to the feuding monks. He was also the mainstay of good relations between the Christians and the Druids of early Ireland.
St. Gerald's prayerful life, combined with good works, often took him out into the countryside where he preached Christ's message of “love thy neighbour”. Through his prayers and example, he helped many people to lead more peaceful and loving lives, and for this, he was recognized as a saint. St. Gerald's feast day is celebrated on March 13th.
May his message of “love” be a blessing to all who pass this way! St. Gerald Catholic School