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Student Leadership


St.Gerald School:  Student Government

In order to promote a sustainable, meaningful avenue for students to develop skills that will comply with one of our school pillars, Pathways, we will develop a form of student government that will:
1.      Mirror aspects of applying for, sustaining, and being accountable for a specific job
2.      Students will apply for a job in the student government
3.      Each applicant must create a resume and interview for the role
4.      There may be SIX departments that report to the “Executive”
5.      The SIX departments include: Spirit, Environment, Technology, Peer Mentoring, Athletics, Social Justice
6.      Each ‘department’ will consistent of a 1)Chair 2)Vice Chair 3)Secretary 4)General Committee Members (they are   
          chosen by lottery and comply with Chair direction)
7.      The Faculty Advisory is responsible for meeting with the first three in order to organize any event
8.      If we have one: The “Executive” will consist of a 1) President 2)Vice President 3)Secretary  (Job descriptions are  
         printed separately)—we have eliminated this function

9.      The number of meetings and activities that each department fulfills is solely based on the collaborative ideas and
         execution of each department
10.  Students participating in this government will plan and execute many student based activities. They will do so in direct
        consultation with their specific Staff Advisor
11.  The Chairs will then present to the President, who in turn reports directly with administration before unrolling ideas

12.  All decisions will be approved by administration prior to execution

Staff Advisors: Are an integral aspect of this government. Staff help facilitate meetings and execute pre-planned ideas.