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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Grade 5 Child Abuse
and Fort McMurray Presentations



Here at St. Gerald our students are displaying many of our Catholic Graduate Expectations.  Our Grade 5 class has taken the initiative and shed light on a variety of topics that display how they are responsible citizens who stand up for what is right and care for those in need. They organized a Child Abuse presentation for the school and the Parent Council. They felt that it was important to have a voice and to give a voice to those that are in need of help and are longing to feel safe.


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The latest initiative that was taken on was “Fort Mac, We Got Your Back.” This was to raise funds for so many who lost their homes in Alberta.  Being an effective communicator and holistic thinkers allowed these students to speak up for our fellow Canadians and make good choices that would support and send care and love to those individuals in Alberta. These students made daily announcements encouraging St. Gerald’s to bring in whatever funds they could and organized a pep rally for the school with a powerful slide show accompanied by their motivating words. This sent a ripple effect throughout the school community and allowed St. Gerald’s to realize that together we could make a change.  Although we are a small school of 235 students we were able to raise $735.00 which the Red Cross and the Ontario Government will match.  This means that $1470.00 will be sent to Alberta by our Catholic Community showing that change can happen and that together Canada stands strong. 



We are so very proud our students and our parent community as we know that “Because we are team players, we know that “Together is Better”, and we will live our lives like Jesus.” St. Gerald’s will continue the many initiatives to make a difference in the lives of others and in the lives of the students that we embody.


Grade 5 students making their presention  


You can view the Alberta Fire Slide Show.