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BRICKS Program 
B      Belonging
R      Respect
 I       Integrity
C      Character
K      Kindness
S      Service
The BRICKS recognition wall is a permanent structure located in the main hall of St. Gregory.
This wall was erected with the help of St. Gregory Catholic School Advisory Council.
It provides our community with the means to celebrate those behaviours that exemplify the Catholic lifestyle.
Builders of Distinction  are individual student awards, and Team Builders are team and/or group awards.  These are maintained at the school level, and usually awarded monthly.
Foundation Builders can be awarded to any student, staff, community member or group that has been nominated.

Nomination forms for the Foundation Builders are available to the whole St. Gregory community and are accepted in the office until mid-April of each school year.
Recipients of the Foundation Builders recognition are announced at the end of the school year.  They are posted permanently on the board, and on the school website.
Student Recognition Program  - General Information
The following process is being introduced to help students work towards a well defined goal – i.e. a BRICKS FOUNDATION AWARD.  Awards for staff/community members will continue to follow the existing nomination system.

To make the tracking system as simple as possible it is proposed that student BRICKS FOUNDATION AWARDS be awarded to Grade 7 and 8 students only.  The winners will be determined by the number of signatures, the amount of hours and the range of activities.  Participation is voluntary as the tracking will be the responsibility of the individual student.
In the event of a tie, then the CSAC will consider how many categories are covered and how long the activities lasted (i.e. one-time versus all year).
There are two components:

1.       A List of Eligible Activities designed to encourage participation in volunteering and other school activities.
2.       A Student Tracking Page that records the appropriate signatures. (Authorized signatures are those of any staff member at St. Gregory or    Father John Bertao)
Students can turn in each tracking page as it fills up.  CSAC will keep a set of files and a running record of the pages received.
Students are responsible for filling out the forms, getting the entries signed by the appropriate staff member or authorized activity approver and for sending the completed forms to the school office.  It is recommended that students keep a copy of the forms they submit to the office. Teachers and staff will only monitor the activity and sign the sheet if the activity is completed by the student.
Student Recognition Program  - Student Information
Welcome to the newest addition to our BRICKS recognition program.  We want to recognize and thank all students who actively participate in the St. Gregory community, and this is one way of doing just that!  But we need your help to keep track of all your hard work.
•Here is a list of some of the things we consider important – if you can think of any more please let us know.

•Keep your tracking sheet handy and fill it in on a regular basis.
•Students in grades 7 and 8 are invited to participate, but it is up to you!
•BRICKS awards will be granted to the top 2 students in each grade, and their name will be permanently placed on the BRICKS wall in the front hall of the school.•Awards go to those with the most signatures, the most categories covered and the most hours invested.
Keep up all the good work :-)  We know that you work hard and we appreciate it!