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Toronto Catholic District School Board

St. Gregory's Arts & Crafts Show, ARTucate


ARTucate artwork display

On Thursday, May 12th, Superintendent Douglas Yack and Ward 2 Trustee Ann Andrachuk visited St. Gregory’s to take part in the 2nd Annual Arts and Craft show, ARTucate, displaying the creative work of not only the students of the school, but those of teachers, parents, guardians and grandparents.
The purpose of ARTucate was to bring the school community together through a common language, ‘The Arts,’ and to explore, promote and support the talent that exists within the school. The show featured a silent auction of artwork created and donated by students and the community, it featured a French Café and a crafts table. The evening was very successful with many parents and friends frantically placing bids on artwork for their homes.
The evening began with Mr. Pereira’s choir students performing drama by Mrs. Alberton’s drama club, Spiritual support by Father John Bertão, technical and logistical support by Mr. Vennare’s student leaders.


The evening was a huge success thanks to all the teachers who worked very hard with their students in preparing the art. The event was organized through CPSC committee and teachers, lead by Mr. J. Vennare. The CPSC head co-ordinator for the event was Lori Tenuta, and along with Sam Perciasepe, Domenic Ruso, Jennifer Pyz, Lisa Di Battista, Lisa Naworynski, Dino & Sandra Antoniadis, Nancy Donnaperna, Mary Meffe, Lara Attardo, Rebecca Smith, Natasha Abramowitz, Ana Cimolai, Dori Falcone, Mari, Maria Curtis, Diana Oliver, and Connie Mazzulli, made the evening a memorable one.