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Toronto Catholic District School Board


Office of the Director of Education



April 20, 2017


Dear Parents/Guardians, Catholic School Advisory Councils, Principals and Staff of St. Gregory, Nativity of Our Lord, St. Marcellus, Mother Cabrini and Our Lady of Sorrows,


We thank everyone who participated in the Boundary Review process, and we would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the decision to adjust the boundaries of the above mentioned schools.


At its meeting of April 19, 2017, the Board approved the following recommendations with respect to the Boundary Review in this area;
  1. That the attendance boundaries for St. Gregory, Nativity of Our Lord, Mother Cabrini, St. Marcellus and Our Lady of Sorrows be approved according to Scenario #2 (modified).  (Map attached)
  2. That in accordance with the Long Term Accommodation Plan (LTAP), staff investigate and assess possible locations in the South/Central Etobicoke area for new elementary school to alleviate enrolment pressures.
  3. That, subject to the purchase of the Buttonwood site, or an alternative site in Central Etobicoke, that a boundary review be initiated, as soon as possible following acquisition, involving St. Gregory, St. Marcellus, Our Lady of Sorrows, All Saints, Father Serra and St. Eugene. 
  4. That FDK enrolment at St. Gregory’s continue with the present 4.5 classes and that admission will follow policy S.A. 01 Admission and Placement of Elementary Pupils.
  5. That the admission levels to the school will be reviewed annually with input from the local Trustee.
  6. That the number of portables be limited to a maximum of four in total to accommodate enrolment pressures in the next few years.  Portables to be removed once an alternate school site is located to balance the enrolment at the oversubscribed schools. 
The boundary adjustments will be effective for the registration period for the 2018/19 school year.  Registration begins January 2018.  All new registrations will be subject to the new boundaries for this area as they appear in the attachment to this letter.  Students currently enrolled in these schools along with their siblings will not be affected by the boundary changes.  They will be allowed to continue in their current school until graduation.
The boundary review has taken place in accordance with the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s Elementary School Attendance Boundary Review Policy (S.A. 03), which can be viewed on the Board’s website at:
Information about the Boundary Review for this area is available through the Board's website at




Angela Gauthier
Director of Education


CC:  Doug Yack, Superintendent of Education
        Angelo Sangiorgio, Associate Director Planning and Facilities
        Rory McGuckin, Associate Director Academic Affairs
        Ann Andrachuk, Trustee


Please click here to view a map of the new boundaries.