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About St. Henry Catholic School
St. Henry Catholic School places an emphasis on holistic learning.  We aim to educate our students following the Catholic graduate expectations. First and foremost is the goal to create a discerning believer. This is accomplished through an emphasis on the virtue of the month and during school liturgies at Epiphany of our Lord Catholic Church.  A second major goal is to create effective communicators. This is reflected in our past and current school learning improvement plan that aims to continue developing student skills in literacy and numeracy with a particular focus on clear explanation of ideas. In the area of extra curricular development our goal has been and continues to be to have students that are engaged in all parts of the day. Our Roadrunner program, our plan to create a house system, and our regular spirit days all work towards this goal.
Our current and recent focus on professional development has aimed to address areas for improvement as indicated from the EQAO test but more importantly the data that staff has gathered through our own school assessments.  Last school year the focus was on helping staff develop and implement guided reading programs and writers workshop programs as part of our board’s comprehensive  literacy program. This year we are building on the success from last year and two classrooms are piloting the Daily Five program that focuses on five key elements – read to self, read to others, reader response, work on writing and word work.  Our belief is that by continuing to focus on current educational initiatives, we are exposing both staff and students to strategies that will lead to success, and align our instruction to the Catholic Graduate expectation of creating effective communicators.
One other element of our staff professional development is the secondary school learning network (SSLN). The SSLN group has a focus this year on differentiated instruction in mathematics for all learners. Our plan is to examine a new resource from Nelson Mathematics known as Leaps and Bounds that aims to help students at varying levels of mathematics skill.
St. Henry school continues to work at developing environmental leaders through our Eco club that has achieved eco gold three years in a row. We continue to work toward developing an ethic of healthy living by focusing on daily physical activity, which gave rise to our Roadrunner program that gives Gr. 3-8 students a chance to run three times a week has been embraced by many students and staff alike. 
We continue to work at infusing the virtues of Christ throughout our school by school assemblies, daily announcements and by immersing our day to day school life in the Virtue of the month.
Our CSAC continues to help us provide learning and extra curricular opportunities for our students through their support of scientists in the school, bussing for trips, and dramatic presentations for our students to watch.
We are proud of the work we continue to do at St. Henry Catholic School.  The goal remains to help nurture students who succeed at reaching the various elements of the Catholic Graduate Expectations. By continuing to communicate (via newsletters and our homework website) and work towards our shared goals with the help of staff, students, parents and the Church, our students receive a well rounded education that reflects our Catholic faith, and our commitment to academics and healthy living. We are confident that through our collective efforts, we are helping our young people to become responsible citizens of the future.