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St. Henry Catholic School History

IMG_9487.JPGSt. Henry Catholic School was established in September 1980. During the first year the students were in shared accommodation at St. Cyprian Catholic School on Pharmacy Avenue while the permanent site was being constructed. The students moved into the present building in 1981. The official school opening took place with a solemn blessing by Rev. M. Robbertz, Pastor of Epiphany of Our Lord Parish on April 29, 1982. 
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St. Henry Catholic School has an established history of “striving for excellence” in serving the Catholic community. The school presently serves the Catholic community in the area bounded by Steeles to the north, Pharmacy to the west, McNicoll to the south and Kennedy to the east.
St. Henry Catholic School is proud to be one of six schools in the Epiphany of Our Lord Parish.
The patron saint of St. Henry School is St. Henry II--Emperor (972-1024) whose feast day is July 13th. St. Henry was born in 972 in Bavaria. He firmly believed the great eternal truths and sought in all things the greater glory of God. The saint established numerous pious foundations, gave liberally to worthy organizations and built the cathedral of Bamberg.