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Toronto Catholic District School Board

On the weekend of Nov 16/17, all students were asked to discuss the Catholic Graduate Expectations with their families for our weekend homework. Here are some of the reflections that were done.


Mrs. Keeling's Gr. 3 class


I am trying to be an effective communicator by apologizing sincerely if I make a mistake. When someone helps me I will say "thank you" and if someone does well such as in a game or test or school work, I will say "Congratulations", or "Great job" or "Good game "
Mrs. Barran's Gr. 4/5 class
A caring family member
“I personally think you should be caring towards everyone because even though you might not be related, you belong in the same family as Jesus.”
A caring family member
“I can help in my family by folding my clothes, keeping my room clean, and washing my dishes. I can participate in school activities with pride and doing my best. I can help my old neighbour by bringing food, being polite, and keeping him company.”
A caring family member
“In times of trouble, family members help each other. We help not only in our own families but also in schools, parishes, and communities.” 
Catholic Graduate Expectations – Grade 5 - Mrs. Rego's class
1. My family and I think that being a caring family member who attends to family, school, parish, and the wider community is important. We think that everyone should show that they care for each other and we should all help each other because if everyone does that, then the world would become a more peaceful place. Also, being a caring family member can help improve the happiness in the family and it will bring your family closer to each other. Also it can help increase the communication between each other, therefore it will also help prepare you when something goes wrong. I can help others and myself to do this by reminding people that God is inside everyone. That’s why we think that C.G.E. #6 is really important!
By Queenny Chiu
2. Number 6. (A caring family) is important to my family because when we get angry, we do not realize that I have made the problem bigger. I will try to achieve this goal by thinking if my words will affect them. Attending mass and school is important because when you get older you can just walk into work and then BOOM! You’re fired. Then Jesus and education is all you have to find a new job. That is why being a caring family member is important.
By Alexandra Manalo
3. I think that being a self-directed, responsible, lifelong thinker is the most important CGE, because without you using your God given talents you wouldn’t be able to make a goal. This means you are not able to achieve… which it will lead you to a bad future. But if we are a self-directed, responsible, lifelong learner we can develop our God given talent and demonstrate to others your achievements. That’s why it’s super important to be a self-directed, responsible, lifelong thinker!
By Chelsea Flores
4. Number 2. An effective communicator, who speaks, writes and listens honestly and sensitively, i responding critically in light of gospel values.
Having a voice is important to me because I need to learn how to use my voice lovingly.
·     If I speak, write and listen as Jesus would want me to I would Be able to treat others the way they want me to treat them.
·     If I care about others and speak up for them they might care for me and speak up for me.
·     If I am honest I won’t have to worry about keeping shame inside me.
·     If I think carefully before I react or speak I will not be getting used to saying bad language.
·     If I respect all people and their languages then they might respect my languages.
·     If I listen to the Word of God I will know the difference between the right way to act and the wrong way to act.
Because I have a voice, I will use it lovingly, and I will live my life like Jesus.
By Chantelle Fernandes
5. A caring family member who attends to family, school, parish and the wider community.
This is an important expectation because the Bible tells us that it is important to love and care for others. We should attend to our family because one of the Ten Commandments in the Bible says we should honor our mother and father. We should do this by listening to what our parents say, helping out with chores, and not to fight with our siblings. We should attend to our school, parish and the wider community because Matthew 25:40 says ”The King will reply,  ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine you did for me.”’ This verse means that if you make someone happy you are making God happy as well. For an example if I donate clothing to people who do not have any, I am helping them and making God happy. Being kind to others means being kind to God.
By Daniel Chong
      Ms. Poulin’s Gr. 6  Class
I am trying to be a collaborative contributor. I am going to practice these three things:
1.   I can respect and listen to others when they are speaking.
2.  I can co-operate with others in every activity that I do.
3.  I can follow the rules of the school and I can play fairly at recess time.
      A collaborative contributor is someone who respects the rights of others and participates meaningfully in the good of others. You have to think of others before yourself. I will try to be one this year by taking part in activities that will benefit others. I will also try to respect and value other people’s work, and to co-operate with dignity in all that I do. If I achieve this goal, I will be very proud of myself. Can you be a collaborative contributor this year?