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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Lake St. George


From December 18 - 20 our grades 7 & 8 students went to Lake St. George Conservation Area for a two-night stay.  See pictures of the trip to the right:


In the words of one of our students: 

Lake St. George is a place where you might not expect what it would be like.  The places in the area seem old, but on the inside is actually a nice place where it looks comfortable!  Everything in this place is amazing!  The food, activities, and the rooms!  You get three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  You can also get refills and seconds!  Best part is the desserts!  They are really good, and you can get them after lunch and dinner!  We did three activities each day, in the morning, afternoon, and evening!  They are really fun, and they last more than an hour!  Fro the rooms, one dorm is for boys, the other one is for girls!  Lake St. George is a place where it changes your view of holding your devices 24/7, and doing better things without it!  Lake St. George for the win! 

by  Kian P. from Mrs. Barran's Grade 7/8 Class