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Toronto Catholic District School Board

The Saidat Show



The Saidat Show by Caitlin W. in Gr. 4

On the 27th of March, 2019, we had a very special guest come to our school. Her name was Saidat, and she taught us how we can be winners even though we feel like we’re losing and how to break through adversity (depression/losses). This was an amazing presentation for the school. Saidat has an amazing voice and amazing dance moves. We all loved her and her crew. We had a dance party at the end and everyone was having the time of their lives. Thank you to Mrs. Carlyle for bringing her and her team in for an amazing, memorable presentation.

By Jacob A. in Gr 2

We did so much dancing and Sadat was teaching us about bullying, and Saidat said not to be scared to share your feelings.  I liked when Saidat was dancing and singing and it made me happy that she taught us to be kind to one another. 

By Tony H. in Gr 2

Today Saidat came to our school to dance with us and we had so much fun dancing with Saidat.  We learned a lot about loving and caring and sharing.  I learned a lot about doing some dance moves and I had a lot of fun.  I danced with Yonghao and I also learned about feelings.  Saidat taught us how to do some Fortnite dances.