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Toronto Catholic District School Board

So if you’re checking this out, clearly, you’re looking for stuff to check out! You’ve come to the right place.
2013/2014 School year
Student Learning in the year 2014
So much of the current research in education talks about the importance of engaging our students in the learning process. At St. Henry school, three classes (one in each division) are piloting a program called Genius Hour that our school improvement team has been researching.
We encourage you to read up on some of the ideas behind genius hour and some of the videos that suggest why a Genius Hour is needed for our schools. This is a key part of our school learning plan.
An 11 minute clip of a student with something to say!
A video we shared at Family Games Night that speaks of why we should have our students play to your strengths
And if you're interested in reading up about Genius Hour...
Mrs. Rego's Gr. 6 class has run two successful presentations for our school
Check out their prezi on bullying below
Here's two they did on eco awareness
We thank Mrs. Rego and her Gr. 6 class for their leadership and hard work, and impressive use of technology
Forest of Reading
Several classes are taking part in the Forest of Reading Program this year. Parents, if you're looking for new books for your children to read, we highly encourage you to look into these award nominees here. Click on the link below for more info about the Forest of Reading Program
Stop Motion
Mrs Mascarenhas' and Mrs Coy's Grades 7 and 8 students participated in a media literacy assignment conducted by Ms. Zakko called Stop Motion. Stop motion is a free application that can be downloaded to any device and can be used to create a variety of video's. Stop motion allows students to develop an understanding of how animators create animation by creating numerous still shots and images that are used at various speeds to create videos. Stop motion (also known as stop frame) is an animation technique used to make objects appear to move on their own. Each object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence. In this particular assignment students used Lego to create various forms of movement. Students were able to create freely and express their ideas through this program. They designed short videos ranging from seconds to minutes. Below are a few links to the videos of stop motion created by the students.
by Jane (Gr. 7)
Congratulations to Ms. Zakko and our Intermediates for some excellent work
2012/2013 School year - lots on self directed learning and 21 c learning below
Start by taking a look at the three videos below.
Some neat ideas on what 21st century learning is all about. We’ll keep adding to this collection in the weeks ahead.
1. An excellent video shared by Eric Demore a high school teacher from Mary Ward. This is one of those videos that will have you nodding your head saying "yeah"
I've added my own thoughts on the video in the blog below
  • 2. Sir Ken Robinson Video – This is what got me enthused in the idea of self directed learning last year. A great watch

    3. A recent you tube link of a Ted Talk sent by LSA supt Michael McMorrow that again looks at how we can change the way we teach and learn

    All three clips are by respected educators with some interesting thoughts on standardized tests like EQAO
    Here's the latest clip. We're making a continued effort to get our students blogging and here's why it's important
    If the principal can do it , surely our students (and staff and parents) can as well.

    Have you tuned into our wemuv program yet?
    St. Henry school is continuing to be on the move with our roadrunner program and our DPA program but  now we're doing it with our very own pedometers thanks to wemuv.  Our digital pedometers will allow us to track how many steps we take a day. And even cooler than that, we will get to track our activity level with our own avatars online. All you need to do is visit the wemuv site link from our homework website
    Once your child logs in they will need you to help them by putting in an email address for them. Pedometers have been given out in class. An added bonus for the wemuv site comes from the charitable side.
    While there is absolutely no obligation to do so, you can choose to support your child's fitness level by sponsoring their activity.  
     Please be aware that like any online donation, there is an administration fee of  5% that goes to the vendor - you'll see this come off when you make a contribution. It will be necessary to create a pay pal account to make a donation but this is also very standard. If you are interested in contributing to the cause but have concerns about the pay pal account or the administration fee, please do not hesitate to contact me for further info