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Toronto Catholic District School Board

What better way to continue our self directed journey than to start researching using multiple sources of technology. We have desk tops computers and netbooks in school but students also have their own technology devices that will let them research. On Fridays, Mrs. Rego's and Ms. Poulin's class will be continuing the self directed journey and we are giving them permission to bring in their own devices with parent permission. All devices brought in will only be used during class time and may not be taken out to the school yard. Mrs. Rego and Ms. Poulin will have them locked up when not in use. Please write a note in your child's agenda if you are sending a device in - a simple line like " I have sent in an Ipad with Chantelle" will suffice. We encourage you to read the two previous pages about self directed learning to get a sense for what we are doing. The journey is filled with potential.