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Toronto Catholic District School Board

We’re into the New Year and our journey continues.

Here are some recent updates

On Dec 17, we tried a google doc experience that involved an on line conversation between three classes – Two classes were from St. Henry  - Mrs. Rego’s Gr. 5 class, Ms. Poulin’s Gr. 6 class. One class was from Epiphany – Ms. Holownia’s Gr. 6 class (with Mr. Masciarelli on keyboards!).  We also had some visitors from Malaysia which had at least one principal very interested in the food angle…again!

Have a look at the conversation below to get some idea of what our students are interested in collaboratively learning about.

We've also started contacting people for our career day plan (go to our main page on self directed learning and scroll down to the bottom to read about our rationale behind that)

So our ideas are pumped and primed – all that’s left now is to figure out 3 things

      1.  How  we’re going to go about self directing our learning

2.      2. How we’ll present our findings

3.       3. Is there a way to really measure the increased level of engagement that will come from self directed learning?

# 1 and 2 will hopefully be of key interest to our students. #3 will hopefully be of interest to someone other than me! We’re trying to enter a brave new world out there – just looking for a set of keys and when we find them, we hope to be making copies for all who want to join us.

Stay tuned….