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Toronto Catholic District School Board

 Here’s an example of a Better Answers lesson we did in Ms. Cafiso’s class using our co created Success Criteria

Ms. Cafiso
grade ½ class
Better Answer Responses: Giraffes Can’t Dance
How did Gerald feel at the start of the story?
After we read the story, we came up with the question together and students answered the question. Ms. Cafiso then typed out student answers and we showed them to the class. One example that we edited together is shown below.


4.  Gerald felt sad at the start of the story because everybody was laughing  at Gerald.  They laughed at Gerald because he wasn’t a good dancer. They thought giraffes can’t dance.  I mean, giraffes can’t dance but Gerald learned to dance.  If it was me, I would feel sad.  Meanies don’t talk  about me and Gerald.  I’ll keep strong and defend!


Use the words from the question   y 


Use because in the first sentence  y 


 Don’t explain too much in the first sentence  y
 Give proof (explain what you mean by connecting to your life and the text)  y (after we edited) 


Have voice in your answer  y 
We did a great job of editing the better answer Gr. 1/ 2 class. I like how the writer did the first three steps of the better answer by themselves. Together we worked at giving a bit more proof together. You can all work on this by making sure you clearly explain your ideas. Great job. Keep following the steps to a Better Answer.