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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Writers often write for an audience. For our students who submit writing for this page, that audience is you. We hope you enjoy what you're reading. Remember that ALL writers also like descriptive feedback and the best ones to give it are those who are reading what's here. 

We also encourage parents to share any thoughts they may have - just send it to and we'll add your thoughts to this page (or we can share the thoughts directly with our writers). Thanks for reading...and writing!



My favourite memory of the year is going to YPT to watch the Minotaur and going to St. Lawrence Market. The Minotaur was great! I liked how they used the sound effects, the lights and the clothing. The sound effects were loud and soft at different times. The lights were dark and bright in the right time and the costumes were pretty and also bloody. I liked how they did the minotaur’s leg and the big pig’s head. After we went to St. Lawrence Market to have lunch. Once I went in there was meat, meat and more meat. When we went to the 2nd floor, there were souvenir shops, bakeries, stores and food courts. My friend and I walked all around to find delicious food. There was this candy store and there were Jumbo jaw breakers, and when I went on the bus, I found that my friend bought the Jumbo jawbreakers but couldn’t eat them. It was a fun trip and I hope we can go next year.


Zoe S
Mrs. Barran’s Gr. 5 class


Favourite February Memories


'Lights, Camera, Action!'


On Tuesday, February 25th, our Grade 5 class went on a trip to the Harbourfront Centre. Our focus was on Spoken Arts. Our humourous instructor, David, was born to perform. He gave us some tips and tricks to better our performance skills. Some examples are eye contact, having confidence, and paying attention to your breathing. The best way to show eye contact is to pick an audience member from the left, centre, and right and look at them. That way, it will feel like you are looking at everyone. Have confidence in what you are saying. Don't mumble when you are talking because you want people to know that you are passionate about what you are saying. Three performances that stood out to us were Allyson Li's Belief, Ryan Dick's Freedom with Children, and Enzo Liang and Brian Liu's performance about Hockey.
That was our day to express ourselves and let out our true potential!
By Audrey and Lydia  Mrs. Barran's Gr. 5 class
Building Bridges
For the last few weeks, we have been building bridges and personally, I think building the bridges was a fun academic and great learning experience. Our group did the Cantilever Bridge. It was strong enough to hold 1 large and 4 medium rocks! But, sadly, it sagged a little bit. The group that I would say did the best was the Suspension Bridge. I love bridges!
By Ryan   Mrs. Barran's Gr. 5 class



Tropical Day

Are you tired of the polar vortex that we are having? What about those wind chills that burn when you are outside for only five minutes? Well, on Thursday, February 20th, we had another spirit day, which was… TROPICAL DAY! St. Henry showed their spirit by dressing up in tropical clothing. You must have thought we were crazy if you saw Mr. Fernandes, teachers, and students in their shorts and t-shirts outside in the middle of winter! Soon, we had a hoola-hoop competition with the primary, junior, and intermediates. Everyone set the bar high when we started to dance, walk, jump, and turn while hoola-hooping! Some people even used more than one hoola-hoop! It was pretty cool seeing people in the hallways wearing summer dresses, shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops, and sunglasses. So are you ready for the summer? Are you feeling HOT HOT HOT?

Sheena Yadao  Gr. 8

Eds note: Also two time winner of the Hula Hoop Contest!


My favourite memory in February was the 100th Day of School.  Everybody in Ms. Cafiso's class tried their best to dress up as a 100 year old.  The best 100 year old costume won a prize.  First prize won 100 pieces of candy.  There were 4 stations and they were each 20 minutes long.  The stations were building a 100 Cup Structure, Roll the Dice to 100, 100 Art Creations, and 100 Gumballs for the 100th Day.  At the end of the day our class celebrated with a cake.  We are 100 days smarter!


 Written by Sophie D. Ms. Cafiso's Gr. 2 class



Become Your Own Energy Saving Superhero!


The Grade 5 class at St. Henry has been learning about the importance of conserving energy in Science. In groups, we made commercials to convince people of the importance of saving energy. In one commercial, we saw Energy Thief Ryan trying to steal all the energy! We also met Anchor Man Eric who interviewed kids from St. Henry about what they do to save energy.

 These are some of the suggestions they came up with:

-take shorter showers

-turn off the lights when not in use

-turn the heat down and put on an extra sweater

-use LED light bulbs

-check your windows and doors for drafts


Start saving energy! It starts with you! It’s your future!


Mrs. Barrans' Grade 5 class




Mrs. Pingitore's Gr. 5/6 class raised $740 with their Help Sick Kids Get Better one day bonanza. Here's what they had to say about how they felt about their work?

Why do you want to help Sick Kids get better?
I wanted to help sick kids get better so they could go home to celebrate Christmas at home.
I wanted to help sick kids get better because the Christmas season is a time to give. It's not all about presents. There are less fortunate kids than us and it is a time to think about someone other than ourselves. We have been blessed with food, shelter, education and our health and sometimes we need to stop and thank God for everything. So people are sick, I want to do something meaningful at Christmas. What did you do to help the less fortunate? Victoria
If we are having a Merry Christmas its only fair for them to have a Merry Christmas too.
I wanted to help sick kids get better because it is not fair that we're healthy and they're not. If we make a couple of donations we could change peoples' lives. Braeden
I want to help sick kids because I don't think those kids celebrate Christmas with their family. I want to make sick kids happy even their family doesn't celebrate with them. I always want people happy, that is why I support sick kids. Ingrid
I wanted to help sick kids rather than another organization because I wanted to teach myself how to respect the needs of others and when Mrs. Pingitore brought up the Sick Kids Foundation, I thought, this is a perfect chance to help others and plus it ties in nicely with our virtue, charity. I was thinking about how unfortunate it is for such young lives to be suffering, and by helping fundraise money, it would give the kids a chance to have a healthy life. Living in a
hospital is really scary, its time we change that. Jasmine
It is a charitable act.Just thinking of those frowns on their faces turning upside down melts my heart. I want to help. It makes me really glad and proud. When I heard we were going to have a fundraiser for Sick Kids foundation, I was really excited, I've been sick many times. I don't like the feeling. They wont like it either. So lets help sick kids get better. Celeste
Spending the holidays in a hospital is sad and lonely, we want kids to have fun and have a wonderful Christmas by spending time with their families. Having cancer and having major injuries to your body are big problems these children have encountered. We want to find a cure to these sicknesses so that everyone could have a good time with their family without having to worry about being sick. Matthew O
It kills me inside to see them very ill and not happy but this fundraiser hopefully makes them forget they're sick and they can celebrate Christmas with their family. Trishni
The money we get will help all the kids in need. Brain C
Kids are the future and without kids, human population will decrease. Christian
Kids who are sick need help so I wanted to help Sick Kids. Kelvin
I want the kids to go home and see their family and not be sick. Peter Lau
I know I can make a difference. Will you? Collin Ho
That will make the kids happier and healthier. It will make me happier because I helped kids who are in need. Carmen
There a lot of kids who want to be home for Christmas, but they cant. So I want to make their
hospital stay better. Ugochi
Helping others is the right thing to do, since Christ is in everyone. Angela
It's bad enough they're in a hospital for Christmas so I want to make it their best Christmas, if not a special one. Brian W
There might be lots of kids that might be not well and feeling down so I really want to help them since they need more help. Martin
I wanted sick kids to get better because we have so many things in our life and we are always greedy. When we help sick kids, it just puts a smile on their face and that's what Christmas is all about, making children happy for the holidays. Alice
We are so lucky to have so much. We don't realize that there are other people in the world who are suffering. Just some money can cheer up their day. It's Jesus' birthday. They could be as happy as we are. Anna
I wanted to help sick kids because I like helping people. Also, I want kids to feel safe and being able to return to their family would be a very happy moment of their life. I also would like for kids who don't go home to feel as welcome as a baby going into a new family. So that's why I want to help. Katie


Remembrance Day Reflection: Mrs. Keeling’s Grade 3 / 4  Class
What was effective about the play (think about the script, music, lights)?
When the lights went off, it was dark and when it is dark, it is not peaceful. (Cyril)
When the music sounded deep or serious, it made me feel worried. (Shirley)
They chose different music for different scenes or lines, and the music was louder or quieter and it helped tell the story. (Mark)
When the kids were playing with guns, that’s like war – it doesn’t bring peace. (Justin)
When kids are left out, and they are just waiting for someone to play with, I felt sad.  I would have asked them to play with me. (Helen)
What questions or thoughts did you have as you watched the play (what did you wonder)?
How come  most soldiers are men? (Ara)
How can the soldiers bring peace? (Justin)
Why are they bullying each other? (Helen)
Why didn’t the girl (Chantelle) help the other girl whose family was starving because they didn’t have food? (Kian)
Why did war happen? (Timothy)
Why can’t the people talk out their problems, instead of fighting? (Mark)
What caused war to start? (Margaret)
Why couldn’t they compromise before they started the war? (Michelle)
Why did they have so many characters in the play? (Cyril)
What do war and peace have to do with you?
War started with simple arguments.  (Shirley)
Sometimes there is a kid left out, and you didn’t let them play with you – you should let them play. (Helen)
If you want to make peace, it starts with yourself! (Margaret)
The way that you act, that is the way you will become. (Ara)
We have a choice to make yourself a better person. (Michelle)
We are the future for the future. (Timothy)
If we set a good example, and we continue to do that for the rest of our lives, we could have a good future without any more wars.  (Mark)
You should stop fighting, and make friends. (Justin)
You should be part of a team and listen to ideas of others.  (Cyril)

Explain if you think it’s really possible for wars to stop by each of us really paying attention to what we do
YES!!  We think it’s really possible for wars to stop because…….
-if everyone pays attention, no one will make mistakes, like fight or kick (Preston)
-we need to remember that God is inside everyone (Melissa)
-war started because people were arguing, and if you collaborate, then you won’t have that many arguments (Shirley)
-If everyone pays attention to their actions, we can think of others and stop doing things that might hurt them (Margaret)
-treat others the way you want to be treated (the Golden Rule)   (Beatrice)
-if everyone chooses not to start wars, we won’t have any!  (Don)
-children can make a difference (Jonathan)
-we need to communicate, and not fight (Joseph)
-we all have to cooperate to help other (Janice)
-create peace instead of war (Helen)
-if you try your hardest, you can change it!!(Timothy)
-We need to talk our problems out instead of fighting (Mark)


Descriptive Feedback from Mr. Fernandes

It was great to read your thoughts about the Remembrance Day Play Gr. 3/4 class. I especially liked the way Mrs. Keeling put down what each student had to say about the different sections. Cyril, Shirley and Mark, you're right that we tried to change the lights and music to fit the scene. It's a good technique to use. I'm glad you noticed.


Michelle, you're right that we have a choice to be a better person and I agree about setting a better example Mark.


Melissa, if everyone remembered that God is inside everyone, you're right that there would be no problem.

Next Steps

I hope some of you will consider looking for answers to the questions you have about the play. I won't answer them here but I'm hoping YOU will find ways to find the answers.

Keep self reflecting and thinking about what you're watching. It makes drama more rewarding.

Mr. Fernandes



Our class came up with these thoughts after watching, “Wired” by Roseneath and Green Thumb theatre.
Cyber bullying can be worse than physical bullying because you probably don't know who the person is and therefore you cannot solve the problem. Everything you put online stays there forever. You can get healed from scars or bruises from physical bullying but the consequences from cyber bullying stay with you forever. Cyber bullies want to make themselves feel better by bringing other people down; their words hurt and taunt you. Sometimes the thoughts lead you to death and suicide. It is important to tell an adult what you are going through because they can support you and help you in your time of need.  
“TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED” is the thought that came to our mind. This will keep bullying away in general.
Mrs. Rego’s grade 6
Thanks for your thoughts Mrs. Rego and Gr. 6 class. Golden Rule is such a perfect way to live and agreed that you need to be so very careful as to what you post online.



























































 Mr. Fernandes  



Our heartfelt thanks to a humble Hero at St. Henry
Posted at the request of Mrs. Pingitore and her Gr. 5/6 class
Although November is the month to acknowledge and pay tribute to the peace in our hearts, in our schoolyard, in our community and in the world, it is also a month to express our gratitude to an individual who tirelessly spends his days and nights to make St. Henry a better place.
It doesn’t matter if you walk into our school on an early Monday morning, busy Wednesday lunch, or even a frantic Friday afternoon; Mr. Fernandes is forever “running” around to provide support to students, staff, parents and administrative callings. Actually, he is a Playwright and doesn’t really receive the accolades that the students so desperately want to give him.
During the Summer of 2013, Mr. Fernandes approached me with the idea of a Remembrance Day Play for the Juniors. Thrilled at the thought of working alongside an esteemed colleague, I consented to his invitation, as I had already experienced the many successes that he had previously demonstrated with students of all ages. So began the 2013 Remembrance Day Play of War and Peace.
So, we ask you, Mr. Fernandes, “Do you know how valuable your teachings are to the students of St. Henry”? Below is a tribute to you, our Principal. You asked us if peace is possible in our world today. Indeed, it is! Our students have a sense of righteousness because YOU dedicate your time, thoughts and reflections to make us who we are today…growing, caring, young, energetic, reflective, driven learners of the 21st Century. Please read on and make sure to post this for the entire St. Henry community to read all about our thoughts on having the best Principal (and dad) in the world.
Our Grade 5/6 class writes:
 Daddy: He is a real caring and helpful person. He has made me a better actor. Not that I wasn’t before, but he has made me even better. His advice and hard work obviously worked. Thank you Daddy! Thank you so much! (Chantelle)
 Mr. Fernandes, I am thankful for you for spending so much time with us in our plays/skits and different sports teams. (           )
 Mr. Fernandes, you’ve been there for me when I was bullied, you were there when I was sad. You’re always there to cheer me up . You are like my second dad! Please NEVER think that since you’re a principal that you should never care. You’re the best principal I have ever had.  (Anna)
 I am thankful for you, Mr. Fernandes because you are THE Principal. I am also thankful for you because you let us go on trips…that are for free. . Thank you! (Peter)
Thank you for your…time…heart…I have learned a lot…you ARE the best pal!!! (Justin Hui)
 Thank you, Mr. Fernandes, for always being there for ALL the students. Also, for writing so many great plays. Sincerely, Ugochi
 What I am grateful about? Mr. Fernandes!!! His time, he tells me about my mistakes, and he encourages me to join roadrunners, and to train in roadrunners. (Victoria)
 Thank you for having the time to help us become involved in lots of activities. (e.g. Remembrance Day Play, Cross-Country, and other activities.) (Alice)
 I’m very thankful to have Mr. Fernandes as a principal because he spends a lot more time with the students than any other principal. (Katie)
 I am thankful for Mr. Fernandes because he writes and directs plays and he uses his time to teach us. (Kelvin)
 Thank you for trying to include me in the play, from what I’ve watched, you picked the right people and yourself. Hopefully, next time, I will fix my mistakes and be involved in it more. (Gabriel)
 I am thankful for you, Mr. Fernandes because you organized the play. You are our Principal and used your time and patience to practice with us. You typed and sent scripts to each one of us. (Celeste)
 I am thankful for him using his free time and practicing the play with us. He also started practicing the Christmas play. So he was practicing both plays with the students of St. Henry. He put lots of effort into it. (Trishni)
 Mr. Fernandes…Thank you…for giving your time just for us…helping us, almost 24/7…he always is with us (ex. Daily 5, library, plays, and more)… he makes our school a safe school. (Carmen)
 I am thankful for Mr. Fernandes…for giving me a chance to be a part of the Remembrance Day Play…driving me to Epiphany School…helping me improve in the play…always suggesting to do my best! (Ingrid)
 Thank you Mr. Fernandes…thank you for giving us your time to participate in our lessons…thank you for making these years of school fun!...thank you for being an awesome, peace giving Principal. (Mathew)
 Giving us a good school to be in, helping us practice for play…thank you. (Kenichi)
 Dear Mr. Fernandes…every night my brother and I talk, we talk about ALL the schools we’ve ever been to and every time, we could both agree that you, Mr. Fernandes are the one that makes St. Henry the BEST SCHOOL EVER!!! (Jasmine)
Thank You, Merci, Shukria…the languages of the world all indicate the same message: YOU are the reason for the season of Peace.
The Grade 5/6 Class
I'm humbled, to read this and grateful to know that my small steps are appreciated. Thank you for your thanks Mrs. Pingitore and class, and for always modeling the virtue of gratitude so well.
Mr. Fernandes