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University of Ontario’s Institute of Technology’s 2014 Robotics Competition
On Saturday, November 29th, 2014 at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology‘s Robotics Competition as held in Oshawa. This year’s competition is called Sumobot. The objective of the competition was to build an autonomous Lego NXT robot and to program it using Lego Mindstorms software to outlast and remain on the octagon playing surface while demobilizing the other robots.
Though the majority of competitors are high school students, three TCDSB Gifted Centers plan to compete at the event: Holy Name Gifted Centre, St Ignatius of Loyola Gifted Centre and St Rose of Lima Gifted Centre.
Our three boys did a phenomenal job representing St. Ignatius and their home schools.  They displayed a lot of enthusiasm and positive praise towards each other.  They certainly made us all proud.  Thank you again to the parents for their continued support and flexibility!  
Mrs. Pham & Ms. McCourt

UOIT Workshop on Saturday, Nov.15th :
Thank you to all the parents for your flexible scheduling and support! 
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