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Ms. Oppong's Class


Christmas Crafts
In the middle of November, our class created Christmas crafts by decorating egg shells. We all got to choose and create Christmas symbols using modeling clay, paint and glitter. We placed cotton balls in the center of the egg. Then we used a glue gun to stick the symbol to the cotton balls to put in the egg. After that, we placed the egg on a piece of wood to make it stand. We got to pick out a pretty bag to put our eggs in. We were also able to choose the colour of tissue paper that we wanted to wrap our eggs in. Then we had a choice on whether or not we wanted to decorate the front of the bag or the back. We had to be careful taking our bags home without dropping or shaking them. We had a blast making our Christmas eggs!


Written by: Liana and Shawntaya














  Grade 6 Science Unit on Space

            In the grade 5/6 classroom, the grade six students opened the school year with our science space unit. We learned about the five stages in a star’s lifetime. We enriched our understanding of the phases of the moon and we learned about the dramatic change of the water level caused by the moon’s gravity, which is also known as tides. Near the end of the unit, we were given a research assignment where we had to research two constellations and describe them. At the end of the unit we were handed a research project on a particular planet. Our chosen planet was to be explained in-depth with the information booklet given. The format was to be presented on Microsoft Power Point or Prezi. We all enjoyed listening to the presentation of our classmates and learning about the different planets in the Solar System.

                                                                   By, Emily and Morgan