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Mrs. Cook's Class:



What happened in December:





The grade ones and twos have worked very hard to complete their first independent class projects for term one. The grade one students have been working on learning all about the built and natural local community features of the St. Ignatius neighborhood. They have looked at who are our community helpers that serve our neighborhood with helping hands and have completed an inquiry challenge about who they would like to be as a community helper when they grow up.


Grade two students have looked at various communities around the world, with a focus on the similarities and differences of those communities to their own. For their projects they were asked to take the perspective of a child from another place in the world and come share their new knowledge of food, transportation, recreation, language, daily living and natural features with their classmates. Goal of the project is for students to see the needs and wants of children their own age from other countries and recognize that we are all children of God. Both grade were asked to make a classroom presentation, as we learn from each other, and have fun with their work!  Well Done Grade 1's & 2's!



Grade two students working in pairs during math class, creating various addition sentences on chart paper so that they can share their work in whole group discussion. Challenge is to try and find as many addition sentence combinations as possible by counting the sides four geometric shapes picked at random in order to make a two digit number. There were so many combinations!




 Do you want to build a snowman? Students have been working on learning about the properties of liquids and solids in science, and reading up on " The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter Wonder" by Mark Cassino. In Language class students have been learning the steps of procedural writing by creating a step by step how build a great snowman, which is inspired by our classroom book "The Biggest Snowman Ever" by Steven Kroll. During art class students were asked to create their ideal snowman using white paint but instead of using brushes, the tools for the day where tooth brushes, cotton balls and Q-tips to create life like swirls and fluffy balls of snow.






Thanks to the help of Ms. Comper's grade 7/8 class, students spent time with an older buddy to write great letters to the jolly man himself, Santa Claus. Thank you to the grade 7/8's for making sure each student had a letter to mail and for sharing in the Christmas magic. Santa was able to get those letters and write back just in time for Christmas break!