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School History and Tradition


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 St. James was the son of Zabedee and Salone, brother of Saint John the Apostle, and may also have been the cousin of Jesus.  He is called “the Greater” simply because he became an Apostle before John the Lesser.  Saint James was a fisherman who left everything when Christ called him to become “a fisher of people”. James was a close confident of Jesus. It is believed that he preached in Samaria, Judea and Spain.  He died a martyr. (refer Matthew 4:21, Mark 1:19 and Luke 5:10).


St. James is the Patron Saint of pilgrims and rheumatism.  We celebrate the Feast of St James on July 25th.

St. James Catholic School was built in 1960 to meet the needs of a community, which at that time, and  had a large Maltese population. The school was named after St. James the apostle, and is one of two schools in St. James Parish.
St. James School, is located in the City of York and near the intersection of Jane and Dundas Streets. 
Our students come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.  They learn and grow in a caring school community environment which stresses commitment to our Catholic faith, acceptance of others and high academic standards. We provide all programmes consistent with the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Toronto Catholic District School Board.  We are committed to creating a positive Catholic atmosphere within our school, and we also realize that parents are the first and foremost educators of their children and we as Catholic educators are “partners of the parents”  The third essential part of this triad is the Catholic church.
We are one of the 2 schools that share in celebration of our faith at our parish “St James Catholic Church” We work with our parish, as we help our students’ develop their faith via monthly liturgies, sacramental preparation and classroom visits.
Our New Pastoral Plan for 2018-2019 School Calendar Year


We are truly delighted to see the many schools who have already incorporated our new pastoral plan into their plans for the year ahead. Our theme of “Rooted in Christ: we Belong, we Believe, we Become” calls us not to take on something new and different, but instead to examine the things that we are doing to support our students, our colleagues and our families so that they feel a true connection to our TCDSB community.


We all Belong…to the family of God, to our own families, to our school and work communities, to our parish, to our neighbourhood and to our planet. We know that all of you will continue to embrace this basic concept that is so intrinsic to our Catholic faith, to the values and teachings of our Catholic church. Inclusion, acceptance and belonging are easily incorporated and reflected in our day to day teachings in all areas of the curriculum. 


It is our hope that schools will consider how this sense of belonging can be further nurtured in the classroom, in the community, and in the parish as well, and that you will share your ideas, and document any new initiatives that you are taking on in support of this goal.   Resources and information for our pastoral plan can be found on the Nurturing our Catholic Community website And of course, the Religion and Family Life Team as well as the Catholic Teachers Centre are available to discuss any ideas you may have throughout the year.


Staff are being invited to in-services focusing on our new pastoral plan, and we are already starting to plan for a culminating celebration in May 2019. Stay tuned for additional information coming from soon with more detailed information about that event.


We look forward to seeing, and hearing about, the many things that are happening in your school communities. For those who are on Twitter, remember to include the hashtag #TCDSBelongs and @TCDSB so that we have an opportunity to share your ideas, and to gather them centrally on the Board’s website.

Please contact the church directly for their schedule: