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Academics - Contact Us

Principal - J. Saragosa
Secretary - A. Krol​

JK/SK Kindergarten - R. Tsuruoka
ECE JK/SK Kindergarten - K. Remondini
Gr. 1    -  Ms. Costanzo 
Gr. 2    -  H. James 
Gr. 3/4 -  L. Grechi
Gr. 4/5 -  A. Virginillo - A. Ungaro (LTO)
Gr. 6/7 -  N. DiLella
Gr. 7/8 -  T. Barber

Spec. Ed. - J. Pascucci 
Library - M. Montagnese-Ruffolo
French - G. Bodnar 
Gifted Program - M. Tavares - A. Santilli (LTO)
Phys. Ed. - V. Dos Santos/M. Granata (LTO) .1 TBD
Vocal Music - S. Demski
Instrumental Music  - D. Lambert
Math Resource Specialist - R. Lijoi

Educational Assistant - M. Figiel/Y. Nucaro
Lunchtime Supervisors - J. Garro/V. Attard/R. Maceli

Guidance - F. Amato
Social Worker- S. Hogg-Silva/K. Kryo (LTO)

Head Caretaker- D. Sanangelo - A. Alushi/I. Alushi (LTOs)
Night Caretaker - A. Bianchi

  • Attend regularly and be punctual.
  • Display a positive attitude toward the school.
  • Be prepared for classes with completed assignments and necessary books, equipment and materials.
  • Follow routines as assigned.
  • Abide by classroom and school behaviour expectations.
  • Participate fully in all class activities.
  • Ask for and accept extra help from teachers when experiencing difficulties or when work and/or assignments are not fully understood.
  • Use agenda books to be organized … "Learn to plan, plan to learn".
  • Keep notebooks, assignments and agendas up-to-date, clean, neat, complete and signed by parents as requested by teachers.
  • Prepare for tests and take tests as required.
  • Participate in the physical education program, which may include changing into suitable clothing: appropriate shorts or track pants, t-shirt and non-marking running shoes.
  • Replace damaged or lost textbooks, library books, notebooks, etc.

 Parents assist their children by:

  • Providing a quiet time and place for schoolwork.
  • Signing and returning all tests/assignments sent home by the teacher.
  • Instilling a respect for school property.
  • Reminding them to complete work assigned during an absence and to complete their homework on time.