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About Us

St. Jane Frances Catholic School is an elementary school providing programs for students from Junior Kindergarten to grade eight. The school provides ESL Programs for new Canadians from grade four to grade eight. Special Education Programs are provided for Special Needs students. The school also has a Junior/ Intermediate Behavioral Program along with classes for students with Multiple Exceptionalities and Learning Disabilities.

St. Jane Frances is an Extended Day School offering the students the opportunity of taking classes in either Spanish or Italian. Students from grade one through to grade eight also study Core French on a daily basis.

The school offers students the opportunity of participating in many co-curricular and extra-curricular activities throughout the school year. The students can play on a number of school teams such as:  indoor and outdoor soccer, Junior. & Intermediate Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Cross Country, Track & Field, Chess Club, Art Club, Spelling Bees, Public Speaking, Junior and Intermediate W5H, Rosary Prayer Group, Me 2 We, “Vow of Silence”, Megan’s Walk,  Cross Stitch, and the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope to mention a few.

St. Jane Frances Catholic School has a very successful Snack Program headed by Yanira Nunez and supported by several parent volunteers. They prepare healthy snacks for students Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The students are provided healthy snacks teaching them the importance of developing healthy eating habits.

St. Jane Frances also provides all the students an opportunity to develop their skills in the Arts.  The school celebrates the Arts with a Christmas Concert for the Primary students and a Spring Production for both the Junior and Intermeidate students.

Mission Statement

In a school community which is formed by Catholic values and traditions, our mission is to educate students to their full potential by providing:

Leadership in a shared responsibility for education that exists among schools, students, families, parishes and the community.

A safe and welcoming learning environment that is an example of a Christian community.

Role models of Gospel values and Catholic doctrines, teachings, and beliefs guidance in what students need to learn.

Instruction in the learning process.

Religious, academic and technological instruction.

Integration of Catholic beliefs into the total learning experience and feedback on students’ proficiency and performance.