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St. Jane Frances Catholic School offers its students a safe environment where Catholic values are upheld.  Through the celebration of the liturgical year students express their faith. 

The students of Saint Jane Frances Catholic School come from a diverse socio-economic background.  Our instructional programs are continually adapted to meet the individual needs of our students.  Our school supports the diverse needs of its students through programs such as: Fifth Block, Special Education, Intensive Support Program, Multiple Exceptionalities Program, Behavioural Program, and International Languages offered both in Spanish and Italian. 

Students, who may experience academic, social, and behavioural difficulties, are closely monitored and appropriate modifications and/or accommodations are made to their program of studies.  If difficulties persist, the School Based Support Team along with the classroom teacher and parent(s)/guardian work collaboratively to best meet the needs of the child.  Individualized programming  is then developed for that particular student.  The vocal music programme is offered to students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6, while students in the intermediate grades receive instruction in Instrumental Music. 

Saint Jane Frances Catholic School is proud of its relationship between the home, school and parish in meeting the diverse needs of our school community.