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The organization Free The Children was founded by 12-year-old Craig Kielburger in 1995 when he gathered 11 school friends to begin fighting child labour. Today, Free The Children is the world's largest network of children helping children through education, with more than one million young people involved in our programs in 45 countries (taken from:
On October 17, 2007-St. Jane Frances began its commitment to making a change in the world around us by joining the TCDSB’s devotion to Me to We. Mrs. Frydrych and Mrs. Pietka along with 11 students took their first trip down to the Ricoh Coliseum to take part in the first ever “National Me to We Day” and so the story begins. It was for the first time on this day that the Grade 7 and 8 students of St. Jane Frances became empowered with the dedication to be ambassadors of positive change for those less fortunate children all around the world.
This year marked the fifth annual celebration at the Air Canada Centre, as Mrs. Frydrych and Mrs. Pietka along with 13 students took part in “We Day 2011”.
St. Jane Frances has decided to support Haiti and the Clean Water Project, as our global charity and continue to support Meagan’s Walk as our local community charity.
On Thursday December 1, 2011, the entire school participated in our third annual “Vow of Silence”. Beginning at 1:30 p.m. after every minute that passed two students from each class in the entire school made their way down to the gym, until the entire school was seated on the ground in silence. Each student and staff member covered their mouths by holding up a mask which all students made to represent silence and by being silent the entire school community spoke in volumes for those children around the world who have no voice or say in what happens in their lives. This event was a very powerful one for every individual within the school community that day and the silence had a great impact on everyone.
The “Me to We Crew” is committed and dedicated to continue to be a change in the world today, so that children everywhere may have a better tomorrow.
On Thursday April 12th, 2012, St. Jane Frances took part in the annual Crane Ceremony to kick-off the 2012 Meagan’s Walk – Creating a Circle of Hope. Mrs. Frydrych along with 4 students made their way to Sick Kids Hospital with 600 origami paper cranes made by the Grade 6 students of our school. These cranes along with their messages of “Hope” will then be handed out to the children at the hospital to encourage them not to give up hope.
On Wednesday, May 16, 2012 the St. Jane Frances Me-to-We committee will be holding our third annual  “Meagan’s Walk-Creating a Circle of Hope”. This event is a very important one to the St. Jane Frances community, that is near and dear to our hearts and we will be walking and supporting Meagan’s Walk in honour of our very own student Ryan Nguyen who passed away of the same illness that Meagan suffered. All grades from S.K. to Grade 8 will be walking a pre-determined route and once the walk is completed the entire school will hold hands and “hug” the school as a symbol of “hope” - hope that one day we can all come together and find a cure for cancer.
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