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About Us

Mission Statement:

 We believe that all children can learn given the benefits of best teaching practice in a safe and caring environment built on gospel values. 

How We Meet The Diverse Needs of Our Students

The catechetical program, as approved by the Canadian Conference of Bishops, is the foundation for the instructional program in religious education. Among a variety of strategies employed to ensure a Catholic environment, we practice the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Acts of charity, such as food drives, ShareLife and supporting families in need, both within the local community and global community, are encouraged as gestured of Gospel values at work.
St. Jean de Brebeuf, in keeping with the Mission statement of the TCDSB, provides a safe and welcoming learning environment which includes a safe arrival program. Through this program attendance is closely monitored and a communication process with parents is in place.
Clear expectations for student behaviour are another important element of school life. General guidelines for student deportment are presented to the students in a variety of formats at student assemblies, in newsletters, by announcements, and during classroom discussions. Regular review and reinforcement takes place throughout the year. The violence prevention policy of the Toronto Catholic District School Board reflects our serious commitment to the well-being of all members of the school community. A formal code of conduct, cooperatively developed by teachers, students and parents is posted in the front of the student planner agendas.
The Ministry of Education document “Growing success – Assessment, evaluation and reporting: improving student learning” supports our belief that all children can learn, and must be provided the opportunity to demonstrate their learning in various ways that support different learning styles.  Teachers use the Teaching Learning Critical Pathway approach to instruction which centers each cycle around a “Big Question”.  As part of our resolve to enhance technological education and computer proficiency, there has been ongoing staff in-service, the acquisition of new equipment such as a Smart Board and increased emphasis on computer and media literacy.
To help meet the needs of individual students, teachers accommodate and modify programs to provide differentiated instruction within the regular class, consult with other staff and meet with resource personnel assigned to the school. Special programs support students with particular needs. Peer coaching and adult volunteers are additional techniques used in remedial support. Formally identified gifted students attend a special one day a week enrichment program.
Our school develops students who also grow in their physical abilities. Opportunities are available for participation in soccer, flag football, basketball, volleyball, cross-country running, track and field events, and house leagues. This year we plan to add an indoor cricket house league as well.

For those who prefer more a contemplative recreational activity, we have an Oware house league for students in grades 5 to 8. Oware is one of the oldest mental math games in the world belonging to the Mancala family of games.

The love of music is celebrated at our school. Children are involved in singing for liturgical celebrations, in the school choir and the Kiwanis Music Festival.

Children are given opportunities to display their artistic talents through the Craft Club and at the TCDSB visual arts display. School dramatic arts productions are a forum for talent, cooperation and accomplishment.