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Principal's Message

principal.bmpOn behalf of the entire staff at St. Jerome Catholic School, we would like to extend to you a warm welcome to the 2017-18 School year!  We are honored to serve you and your children in the St. Jerome School community!

Throughout the school year we have a number of activities planned to develop your child’s spiritual, physical and emotional well-being.  Each month, we celebrate Mass as a Catholic School community.  In addition, students in Grades 2 and 8 have the opportunity to receive their Sacraments.  In response to the TCDSB Word, Worship and Witness 3-Year initiative to promote Catholic Virtues in TCDSB Schools, our school recognizes students modeling Catholic virtues throughout the school year. 

The 2017-18 school year, will mark the year of Witness.  We are all asked as a Catholic community to be witnesses of our Faith and display our Catholic virtues. Catholic Education has stressed community involvement as an important means for students to put beliefs into practice and has built on the concept of the family, parish and school triad as the best way to support our children. A virtue is a habit or established capability to perform good functions according to a moral standard. In other words, a virtue is a habit that shows people and God that you are a good person.

Each month, we will develop one of the following virtues: September - HOSPITALITY, October - GRATITUDE , November – PEACEMAKING, December - CHARITY, January - COURAGE, February - LOVE, March – FORGIVE NESS, April - JUSTICE, May - COMPASSION, June - FAITHFULNESS. Throughout the year, the staff and students will learn about a virtue in the classroom. We will put it into practice in our hallways, classrooms, gymnasium, library, and in the yard so that our prayers, lessons, assemblies and liturgies will make this virtue come alive through our actions. 

We will work closely with our Parish St. Wilfrid and our Catholic School Council in this regard and encourage support from our families. By modeling these virtues, we can provide numerous opportunities for our students to become faithful, giving members of our Catholic Community.