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Toronto Catholic District School Board

About Us
How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students
St. Joachim staff, together with the students and parents, strive to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment where we can meet the needs of all of our students and assist them in meeting the Catholic School Graduate expectations as set out by the Ministry of Education. To ensure that each child arrives safely at school, we ask that the school be notified before the beginning of class if a child will be absent or late.
One of the priority tasks of the Catholic School Advisory Council remains the raising of support funds. Together we organize and execute fund raising opportunities that include a Dance-a-thon and monthly pizza lunches. CSAC financially supports such things as class trips, student agendas, additional resources for the classrooms and the library, gr 8 graduation and busses for athletic events, to name a few. We have developed a code of behaviour based on Gospel values which outlines the behaviours we expect from our students in a Catholic school and the consequences resulting from inappropriate actions. This is published in the first 11 pages of the student agends.
In the arts all the students' lives will be enriched by productions performed at the school and/or class trips that enhance the curriculum. With the financial support of the Catholic School Advisory Council, many students will have an opportunity to attend performances both at the school and outside the school.
We continue to improve our programs in the areas of language and math by purchasing resources for the classrooms and the library. A major focus at St. Joachim is in the area of mathematics, science and technology. Manipulatives and in-services are available to teachers to facilitate the development of these subjects.  New texts have been purchased for the junior and intermediate grades to keep abreast of new information in the are of Science. SMART Boards and Netbooks are available and utilized by many students and teachers ensuring up-to-date technology opportunities. The Early Learning Program (ELP - all day Kindergarden) also has a math program. This innovative program allows the students to gain mathematical insights in a hands on manner while manipulating materials to ensure understanding. 
The students at St. Joachim continue to be given many opportunities to develop their personal and social skills. In class they learn more about themselves in Family Life, Social Studies, History, and Geography. These subjucts allow the students to learn about the society in which we live. The "POWER of ONE" program gives the students tools and resources and empowers them to recognize and appropriately deal with bullying situatiuons.
St. Joachim students are given the opportunity to participate in many co-curricular activities such as athletics, academic quizzes (W5H), chess, dance and choir. Dedicated teachers give of their free time to coach these activities thereby assisting our students to be well rounded Catholic School Graduates supporting them in meeting graduate expectations as set out by the Ministry of Education.