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Night School Home Page
Welcome to the St. Joan of Arc Catholic Academy Cooperative Education Student Webpage for the Night School Program.
Materials and News specific to the Night School Program will be posted to this page
News and Announcements
Please remember to complete and hand in to your teacher the following Forms for night school participation:
· Regulations Contract
· Code of Conduct
Please Make sure that you hand in All of the Preplacement Activities as soon as possible to your Teacher. Passport to Safety ID & Passwords will be emailed to you as soon as you send in your initial email with the following information:
Student’s Name:
Student’s Email Address:
Student’s Cell Number:
Placement Contact Person:
Placement Contact Number:
Unless otherwise instructed by your Night School Teacher, you are to follow the same procedure for Logs & Journals as are Day School Coop Ed Students. Please download the Log & Journal Tracking Sheet to “track” your hours towards your night school 2 credits. Hand the weekly Logs & Journalsinto your Coop Ed Night School Teacher at the beginning of the following week.
Please Find below the Log & Journal for Night School. Please use this download to use as it has Saturday and Sunday listed on it. REMEMBER TO INDICATE THE LOG # AND JOURNAL #
1. Please download this document.  There are 2 sheets for each Log/Journal
2. Fill out both sides fully, including dates of the week and all places where space is provided for information. The Journal is very important to your teacher to gauge your Placement Experience. It should completely fill the space provided.  Topics can be found on the Log & Journal Tracking Sheet.
3. These  are OFFICIAL documentation of the instructional hours acquired while you were at Placement. THEY MUST BE SIGNED BY YOU AND YOU PLACEMENT SUPERVISOR
4. Hand it into your teacher on the Due date assigned  by him/her.