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Staff Teams




This team consists of the Department Heads and other school leaders. The primary function is to develop the Professional Learning Plan goals for the Professional Learning Plan Form, and to make other recommendations. The committee examines relevant data, and school needs, while being aware of board and ministry goals and initiatives. The Team  meet 3 - 4 times per year, once with the local superintendent in attendance, and members may attend special board-sponsored PD events. 


The Primary function is to meet early in each semester and make recommendations to the principal regarding student placement in credit recovery classes. Additionally, the committee is also asked for advice from time to time on other student – centered issues. Membership includes a member of Administration, Student Success teacher(s), Child/Youth worker(s), Special Education teacher, Credit Recovery teacher + one or two more staff members-at-large.



The Primary function is to “bring the good news” to our feeder schools to encourage grade 8 students to choose St. Joan of Arc. Two or three members steer the committee (guidance teachers + admin) and other teachers contribute ideas and actually visit the schools with various presentations. 12- 14 members + the core team.  Busy from late September to mid October.


The Primary function is to meet twice per semester and assess school safety and tone, by examining student survey data and other information, as well as to make recommendations to the principal. The committee in the past has chosen to work on the mental health education piece as well. The committee at times makes recommendations for possible parent workshops. The team is comprised of the Vice-Principal responsible for Safe Schools, often the Health and Safety representative, at least one Child/Youth Worker, perhaps a student representative, and one or two other staff at large.


The Primary function is to examine data, and develop and implement a plan to prepare students for the OSSLT in the spring. However, the committee may also choose to explore other issues of literacy and make recommendations to the principal.  Literacy lead teacher, librarian (if not the lead), Administration representative, and a representative from every department is desirable. Monthly meetings are the norm, with a busier time around the OSSLT in March and April.