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Enrichment at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Academy

Students at St. Joan of Arc may pursue enrichment activities in three areas. First, they may do so through the many co-curricular programs offered at the school in arts, comm tech and sports. Second, they can volunteer into many of the service initiatives offered through chaplaincy, leadership, and student council. Finally, students who are identified as Gifted and those who obtain high marks and can afford to miss class for other pursuits, are encouraged to participate in many challenging activities offered by third party organizations. 


These include but are not limited to:

  • Academic contests through the University of Waterloo and others
  • Various competitions related to the arts, including music, drama and communications technology
  • Drum line (both a course and an extra-curricular)
  • Realistic Mock Trial Experiences
  • Debating
  • An annual enrichment conference at the University of Toronto
  • An opportunity to attend Queens' University enrichment program in residence in May
  • In-house Reach for the Top team and competitions
  • Leadership Opportunities​ through the leadership classes, especially at the Leadership Weekend for Leaders at Camp Olympia and in their leadership of the grade 9 Orientation in September.
  • Opportunities to attend Canadian Club and Empire Club luncheons to hear from engaging speakers in a wide variety of fields
  • Annual math/physics trip to Canada's Wonderland
  • Annual senior camping trip in late May 
  • Course - specific co-operative education experiences (a recent student interested in bio-mechanics spent time in a prosthetics laboratory, for example.)  

The key contact for enrichment is listed at right, but many teachers at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Academy make many enrichment opportunities available; students simply need to have the desire and willingness to work hard and participate.