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Assessment And Testing


The evaluation of students in all grades is an ongoing process. Teachers gather data in a variety of ways including: daily observations, student conferences, project work, homework assignments, presentations, quizzes and tests. The reporting format and reporting dates will be announced at a future date in the school news letter. Meeting with the teachers is encouraged and teachers want to communicate with parents. This is not possible, however, during entry, dismissal or class time. Please schedule an appointment.

Ontario Student Records

Each student who attends school in the Province of Ontario has an established Ontario Student Record. This is a continuing record, which is used for the improvement of instruction for your child by school personnel. If at any time you wish to review the contents of this record, please contact the Principal and make an appointment to do so.

Ontario Student Record (OSR) Guideline

Special Education

Special Education programs and services are provided to meet the needs of exceptional learners with special needs in intellectual, behavioural, physical, language and/or communication areas as determined be an Identification, Placement Review Committee.

Physical Education

Proper gym clothing (running shoes, shorts or track pants) is required for regularly scheduled Physical Education classes.

Homework Guidelines

Homework can be beneficial to children in many ways. It can help to: develop a sense of responsibility, teach organization, provide practice of skills taught in class, complete work begun in class and provide a basic communication link between home and school:

Types of Homework:

  • Completion of class assignments
  • Project work
  • Studying for tests and quizzes
  • Review of daily lessons
  • Independent reading


EQAO Grade 3 And Grade 6 Results


This brochure will help you understand the two EQAO tests Ontario students write in elementary school and how you can use the results to support your child.

Students across Ontario write province-wide assessments of their reading, writing and math skills at key stages in their elementary and secondary school education.

EQAO Parent Guide - Elementary School