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School Handbook

Appropriate Dress Code Policy



Plain white or plain navy tops include:

Short and long-sleeved t-shirts, short and long-sleeve golf shirts, dress shirts, blouses, turtle necks, hoodies, vests, cardigans, sweaters or sweatshirts​

  • Sleeves required
  • With or without collars
  • No visible labels, logos, contrasting colours, coloured buttons, coloured stitching, stripes, words, pictures or detailing​

Plain navy blue bottoms include:

Pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, tunic dress, dress, capri/cargo pants, track, athletic and yoga pants​

  • Walking/athletic shorts are to be mid-thigh or longer
  • Skorts are skirts with shorts sewn inside
  • Cargo pants are ¾ length pants or full length pants that the bottoms can be zipped off (or rolled up) to make them into shorts
  • Track pants: with tight elastic bottoms or loose open bottoms
  • Skirts & tunic dresses should be modest length (knee or slightly above knee)
  • Wearing shorts underneath skirts and dresses is recommended but not required
  • Tunic dresses are solid plain navy blue and worn with plain white or plain navy tops underneath
  • No visible labels, logos, contrasting colours, coloured buttons, coloured stitching, stripes, words, pictures or detailing​

Other clothing items include:

  • Tights, socks and leggings
  • Shoes
  • Belts
  • Clothing accessories​
  • Girls’ tights can be plain white or plain navy blue
  • Socks (that are visible) can be solid white or solid navy blue
  • Leggings can be solid white or solid navy blue and are permitted under skirts and dresses, and under tops to mid thigh for all ages. Girls from JK-3 are permitted to also wear leggings as pants.
  • Shoes should be suitable for recess, gym and physical activity – running shoes are recommended, secure sandals when weather appropriate
  • Belts are optional. Belts can be plain black or navy blue
    Over-garments are to be plain white, navy blue or plain white
    Clothing accessories should be plain navy or white​

What is Not Included / What Not to Wear

  • Denim/jeans (as mandated by TCDSB)
  • Hats and sunglasses are only to be worn outdoors (outdoor wear)
  • Flip flops and slip on sandals without straps are not recommended
  • Mini-skirts, halter-tops, spaghetti straps, tank tops, muscle shirts, t-shirts with writing
  • Clothing with tears/holes
  • Oversized clothing (shirts to the knee, pants hanging low and off the waist)
  • Undergarments must not be visible

Other Details

  • St. John Spirit Wear (crested clothing with St John logo) is permitted to wear on any day.
  • The only requirement for Physical Education (PE) class is that garments be navy and/or white. It is mandatory to change for Grades 4-8 for PE class.
    • Footwear for Physical Education includes non-slip, non-marking soles.
  • There is no dress code requirement for student outerwear including outdoor sweaters, jackets, snow pants, hats, gloves, and sunglasses.
  • St. John Spirit Wear (crested) items will be available for purchase from time to time through CSAC initiatives.
  • It is recommended that parents / families label all clothing pieces clearly.

Dress Down Days

During the year, dress-down or non-dress code days will be planned. These days will be announced (i.e in the Week at a Glance / “The SCOOP”) throughout the year, so parents and students can be prepared. Students have the option of wearing the dress code or regular clothes, which may include coloured clothing, denim/jeans, and logos. All other guidelines for what is not included should be followed. Students should be modestly dressed in keeping with our Catholic values.

St. John School Rules

  • When the school bell rings, all students are to stop and then walk to class in a peaceful manner.
  • Running is not allowed in the school building.
  • At recess, students are expected to be outside. A student must ask permission of the teacher/ supervisor if he or she needs to enter the school. Students are to return outside and are not allowed to loiter in the halls.
  • Students are to carry skateboards and walk bicycles in the schoolyard. Bicycles are to be left in   the racks provided.
  • Games played with balls should not interfere with the safety and enjoyment of others.
  • Balls that land in neighbouring yards are to be collected after school.
  • Snow must stay on the ground.
  • Students from other schools are not allowed on school property during school hours.
  • Caps are not to be worn in school.
  • Chewing gum is not permitted in the school building.
  • During school excursions, students are expected to behave in a safe and considerate manner.
  • When traveling on, or waiting for a school bus, students are expected to act in safe and courteous manner.
  • Should a student consistently disregard school rules, the parents/guardian will be contacted.

Serious misbehaviour may lead to suspension.

St. John Catholic School Code of Conduct

St. John is not the building and the facilities. It is a Christian family made up of staff and students joined together. What we wish to have is a genuine Christian family spirit with everyone, staff and students, doing his or her share to make St. John a living, loving community. To succeed in working towards this goal, each of us must consider how he/she can contribute towards making St. John a community of love and joy. 

Expectations for Students   

Students are expected to:

  • Follow school rules be punctual
  • Attend school regularly
  • Respect other people and their feelings
  • Recognize and respect the presence of Christ in others
  • Practice self discipline
  • Use language appropriate to the school environment
  • Respect and look after the property of others as well as their own
  • Take pride in good behaviour, good work and in school
  • Encourage fellow students to carry out their duties and praise their accomplishments
  • Dress should respect the values of the school 

Expectations for Parents

Parents are expected to:

  • Provide a supportive, positive attitude towards the child and the school
  • Provide a home environment conducive to learning in the Catholic, Christian contex
  • Help maintain effective communication between the home and school
  • Advise the school before the beginning of the school day if your child will be absent
  • Assist their children in understanding and following the Code of Conduct

Expectations for Staff

Staff are expected to:

  • Provide a safe, secure, spiritual and positive school environment
  • Prepare and provide an appropriate and challenging program
  • Establish effective and consistent routines
  • Provide assistance to children when and where it is needed
  • Support and maintain school policies
  • Help to maintain productive and effective communication between School and Home
  • Respect the students' individual worth, dignity and needs

Conflict Resolution


When children experience difficulties with these expectations and responsibilities, the following problem solving expectations will apply:

  • Talk over problems, identifying wrong doing, impact on themselves and others
  • Formulate ways to address problematic  behaviour
  • Act to remedy the problematic situationApologize in verbal and/or written form as per circumstances

Depending on the circumstances, students may have to:

  • Stay after school
  • Stay in at recess
  • Be removed from the classroom
  • Have school privileges/activities removed
  • Have an out of school suspension

When behaviour problems are repeated or are very serious, parents/guardians will be contacted immediately. A list of unacceptable behaviour and consequences is available from the principal.


If a parent has a concern about a staff member, the parent needs to speak with that person directly. If a resolution is not achieved, the Principal needs to be informed and problem solving efforts need to be made to resolve the issue. If it is still unresolved, the parent may choose to take matters further (i.e. Separate School Trustee, Superintendent)

Ontario Schools Code of Conduct

Bus Conduct

Students taking the bus are expected to enter and exit the bus in an orderly fashion, remain seated, maintain a reasonable sound level and safe conduct. Fighting, throwing objects, spitting or profanity will not be tolerated. When behaviour warrants, bus privileges may be suspended.

Student Absence and Late Arrivals

Safe Arrival" programme is in place to ensure the safe arrival of all students at school. If a child is going to be late or absent, please call the school at 393-5220 prior to the beginning of the school day.If you know in advance that your child will be absent, please send a note to the students teacher.We will contact the parents of those students who are not accounted for. The time used daily to make these calls, however, could be used more profitably for your children, so it is important to keep the school informed of absences or late arrivals. More importantly, precious time is taken up if a real emergency does arise.

Use of Office Telephones

Students are allowed to use the office telephone for serious matters only. Personal arrangements should be made before school begins.

Parent and School Visitors

Parents and visitors are welcome at St. John. We ask that all visitors, including parents, report to the office when entering the building. This and the following procedures will help us to:

  • ensure student safety
  • minimize classroom disruptions
  • maintain school routines

Late students should report for a late slip and should not be accompanied to the classroom. Early collection of students is best managed when the teacher receives a note ahead of time.

Lunchtime Supervision Guidelines

Parents who wish their children to stay at school during the lunch hour are asked to sign a permission form which will be sent home in September. While inside, the students are supervised by a lunchtime supervisors employed by the school board or teachers. Children are supervised while eating lunch in their classrooms from 11:30- 11:50 am. From 11:50- 12:30 while outside, children are supervised by the lunchtime supervisor and teachers.


Parents will be asked to sign a general permission form on which local and regular use sites will be listed. For other curricular and extracurricular excursions, parents will be asked to sign permission forms for the particular dates,  times and locations to be visited. Information on mode of transportation and possible cost will also be provided. For overnight trips, a meeting for parents will be held to outline the itinerary, supervision, cost and any other pertinent information.

Emergency Response Procedures

In the unlikely event that the school building would have to be excavated, the student body will be housed in St. John Church hall, next door to the school, until arrangements can be made for their safe departure.Should severe weather conditions make it necessary to close the school during the day, students would not be released from the school unless parents/caregivers are contacted first and the school is assured that someone is able to receive the student.

Child Abuse

All professionals, including teachers, have legislated duty to report suspected child abuse. This includes neglect, physical harm, sexual or emotional maltreatment. This law promotes the best interests, protection and well being of the child.

Students with Anaphylaxis

An anaphylatic reaction is a severe, sudden, possible life threatening allergy to such items as peanut, nuts, shellfish, ect. When a student is diagnosed with anaphylaxis, it is important for the School to take extra precautions to ensure the students well being. It may become necessary to designate certain classrooms as "nut free" so there is very little chance that the student will come into contact with the dangerous substance. In the past, we have had great support from the parents of students in these classes in ensuring that lunches, snacks, ect. are "nut free". If your child is in a classroom that has been so designated, you will be notified in writing.

Lost and Found

The school maintains a Lost and Found area in the health room waiting area. Please label your child's belongings so that they are easily identifiable. Please check the area regularly as many articles of clothing remain unclaimed in the school year. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of the school year.