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Toronto Catholic District School Board

St John Support Fundraiser for Student 

St. John Community

Elina's Cancer


Join me in supporting Elina!

Elina, a grade 8 student at St. John School, has been diagnosed with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma. Elina is being treated at SickKids Hospital, and will be an inpatient there through Christmas and the holidays. Elina and her family will need our community to offer a great deal of support during this difficult time.


Please join me in supporting Elina by making a donation to help fund the fight against childhood cancer. Your donation will be used 2 ways: half will go to SickKids Foundation, and half will go directly to Elina's family for support.


Please visit 


On behalf of Elina, her mom Dina, and dad Herman, we say Meegwetch, which means Thank You in Ojibway. 

St. John Community Elina's Cancer flyer

The school held a fundraiser, selling pieces of duct tape to students who used it to stick their principal to the wall of the gymnasium. Once Ms. Martin was sufficiently wrapped up, some of the students and staff came forward to get their hair buzzed to show support for their classmates. The school thanks Kidz Kutz and Hair Dynamix for donating their time to provide professional hair cuts to the volunteers.

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