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Toronto Catholic District School Board

School Calendar

Students are encouraged to show their spirit by wearing Navy and White.



TCDSB Elementary School Year Calendar 2017-2018 

Number of school days 194
Number of Professional Activity Days ​7
Labour Day ​September 4, 2017
First Instructional Day ​September 5, 2017
Thanksgiving Day ​October 9, 2017
Christmas Break ​December 25, 2017–January 5, 2018
Start of second semester for secondary schools ​February 5, 2018
Family Day ​February 19, 2018
Mid-Winter Break ​March 12–16, 2018
Good Friday ​March 30, 2018
Easter Monday ​April 2, 2018
Victoria Day ​May 21, 2018
Last day of classes for elementary students ​June 28, 2018
Seven (7) Professional Activity (PA) Days for ELEMENTARY schools:
October 6, 2017 ​Provincial Education Priorities
November 17, 2017 ​Parent-Teacher Conferences
December 1, 2017 ​Provincial Education Priorities/Faith Development
January 19, 2018 ​Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting
February 16, 2018 ​Parent-Teacher Conferences
June 8, 2018 ​Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting
June 29, 2018  ​Provincial Education Priorities


Three PA days devoted to Provincial Education Priorities and supporting Article 19 of the Collective Agreement.
One PA day devoted to Faith Development.


The remaining three PA days will be devoted to system priorities, annual learning plans and local goals articulated in the School Learning Improvement Plans.