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About Us
How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

Strategies used:
A Catholic environment
- Teachers model the gospel values and integrate Catholic beliefs throughout the school curriculum
- The presence of statues of Christ and St. John Bosco in prominent areas of the school
- Bulletin boards displaying religious themes
- Class visits by parish priest Fr. Joey
- Prayer centres in each classroom
- Daily prayers
- Religious instruction each day
- School and class masses with student participation
- An active liturgical committee
School philosophy and code of discipline/behaviour
St. John Bosco Catholic School is committed to the development of the intellectual, physical, creative and social abilities of all the students. The staff, students, parents and parish clergy are dedicated to the nurturing of a caring, Christian community where all members flourish, grow and learn to respect one another in the love of Christ. In accordance with Ministry of Education requirements, the school has compiled a code which will help our students develop self-discipline through a respect for self, others, school property and environment, rather than through a fear of punishment. The school behaviour/discipline code recognizes the uniqueness and dignity of each student. It also recognizes that the ability to distinguish between socially acceptable and unacceptable behaviour is a valuable skill. As a result our code is a joint effort--deciding both the rules and the consequences which follow any breach of the rules. See the school agenda for details of the behaviour/discipline code.
Safe Arrival Program
- Students are met as they disembark from the buses
- Teachers on duty in the school yard 8:15 every morning
- Teachers are on duty on the landings of the staircase to meet students as they come into the school and go to their classrooms
- The school has an answering machine so that parents can call prior to school opening and advise the school that their child will not be attending school
- Attendance sheets are filled out each morning and afternoon, then sheets are sent to the office where secretary phones home to verify absence.

Modification of curriculum to reflect provincial standards
- Set up of committees within school
- Resource people brought in for consultation
- Different workshops provided for staff
- Presentations for staff and students throughout the year
- Hands-on workshops for students in the area of science and technology (ie Scientists in the Classroom)
Co-curricular programs
- House league sports, school team sports
- Curriculum related excursions
- Music and art presentations
- School concerts and presentations
- Health and safety presentations by outside sources i.e. health, fire departments
- Reconciliation, first communion, confirmation celebrations