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Principal's Message

St. John Bosco Catholic School is a small but vibrant community of learners where we strive to create a welcoming environment where each child is recognized and is called by name.
St. John Bosco is centered on the teachings of Christ, and it is our aim is to provide a nurturing and caring environment that will help every child achieve their potential.   Parents, teachers, and students must work in partnership to provide an empowering, enriching and challenging learning environment where children, regardless of their abilities, are given opportunities to reach their fullest potential.
Our educational curriculum and activities must emphasize the formation of the whole person, that is, intellectual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development  The celebration of our faith is infused in all aspects of the school day through the Virtues of the Month Celebrations, prayer tables, monthly masses and weekly visits from Father Joey. This provides our students with a moral framework essential for the development of responsible global citizens.  Students must be encouraged to appreciate their gifts, to strive for excellence and use their gifts and talents in the service of others. 
The school is committed to ensuring that each child feels safe and that they are a valuable member of the school community.  Students are given opportunities to develop skills so as to become self-reliant problem solvers, with a strong sense of self-worth and confidence in themselves.  We want to work closely with families to meet the needs of all of the students at St. John Bosco.
The Staff at St. John Bosco work collaboratively on a regular basis to identify needs and strengths of each child in order to meet their individual needs and create a positive and conducive learning environment. The use of Technology in the classroom provides interactive and exciting lessons where students are able to continue their learning at home allowing flexibility in the delivery of assignments. Our Parent Council continues to provide support with the enhancement of Technology in the classroom. 
We are ready to help your child achieve his or her potential as a student here at St. John Bosco.  We know that you will support our efforts and work with us as a unified TEAM to ensure that our students will succeed.  We welcome the opportunity to work in collaboration with all members of our community.
Yours In Catholic Education,​

L .Caporale