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Change to International
Languages Program


May 29, 2018
Dear Parents and Guardians:
The International Languages (IL) Program operating in Toronto Catholic District School Board elementary schools has had a distinguished history of providing our students with valuable opportunities to learn a third language and culture that prepares them to thrive in today’s interdependent global society.
I am writing to inform you that a  change to the IL Program will come into effect for the 2018-2019 academic year. This is the direct result of a recent Arbitrator’s Award arising from  the Collective Agreement between the Board and the Toronto Elementary Catholic Teachers Association (TECT).
The Collective Agreement with TECT and the Award issued by the Arbitrator requires the Board to eliminate the extended day model used in schools with an IL Program. In order to do so, IL instruction will be provided at each grade for four (4) classes of 30 minutes per week, instead of the current schedule of five (5) classes of 30 minutes per week. Although this schedule will result in the reduction of IL instruction each week, the Board is pleased that we were able to maintain the IL program within the Collective Agreement with TECT, especially in a way that reflects the best interest of our students and the families who support IL Program delivery during the school day.
In order to accommodate this new IL Program delivery model, bus transportation schedules as well as school day start and dismissal times may also be affected. Your Principal will communicate new start and end times for your school once bus schedule changes (if applicable) are finalized as the TCDSB shares student transportation services with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB).
Additionally, the Board’s Early Years Department is looking into the feasibility of initiating new before and after school programs at locations where they may be needed as the result of these scheduling changes to the daily routines of working parents. Information will be provided to parents/guardians as details become available.
I want to reassure you that the TCDSB remains committed to ensuring the continued future success of the IL program for the 2018-2019 school year and beyond.
Please feel free to contact the Board directly should you have any concerns or questions at
Thank you for patience and continued support of the Board’s International Languages Program.

Dan Koenig
Associate Director, Academic Services
cc:  TCDSB Board of Trustees
      Rory McGuckin, Director of Education
      Education Council 
      Principals, Vice-Principals
      Toronto Elementary Catholic Teachers (TECT)