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Newman’s Anti-Bullying Campaign (ABC)

  (2012-2013 Anti-Bullying Campaign Committee)

ABC Team Members

Students — Jessica Lim, Marilyn Jeyananthan, Colm Baszun, David Keon, Patricia Dada, Joanna Jasina, Rachel Drapeau, Sharlene D’Chunha, Sharon Selvanayagam, Mary Achebe, Francesca Pabale, Melanie Aprile Mercado, Drake Ross, Melissa Marshall, Anita Nwamadi

StaffMary PalermoStefan Barrans, Sandra John, Maxine Blair, Elizabeth Wicik, Sara Leo, Peter Scinocca, Allen Potts, Joe Tadman

Anti-Bullying Campaign (ABC) Goals

The goals of the 2012-2013 Anti-Bullying Campaign (ABC) at Blessed Cardinal Newman include:

  • Through various activities and events we hope to inform students what is considered bullying and that bullying has serious consequences.  We want students to know that sometimes behavior they think is “just goofing around” can potentially be a criminal offence.  Also, we can never know how bullying affects a person.  It may cause illness, depression or even suicide.
  • We want to provide a safe environment that will our allow students to come forward if they are being bullied or if they know someone who is being bullied.
  • The ABC’s ultimate goal is to encourage every staff member, every teacher and every student at Blessed Cardinal Newman to take ownership of creating a bully-free school.


So far we have created the “wall of information” just in front of the cafeteria where most of the students will be able to see it.  The wall provides information, news articles, posters students have created, words to empowering songs, personal stories from celebrities like Demi Lavato. Homerooms were asked to create a similar wall in the classroom with information provided by the ABC Team.


Duane D.O. Gibson, an inspirational presenter fo
r teenagers.  D.O. is Guinness World Record setting rapper and University graduate from Scarborough.  His message is “Defy the Odds”.  He encourages students to have a goal and stay driven to reach that goal.  Believe in yourself even when others do not.  

We have more activities planned for second semester.  We hope to have more assemblies with presenters from the Toronto Police, the Toronto ARGOs Anti-Bullying Campaign, and the ARGO Cheerleaders. 

To encourage students to show their support for the campaign, we will be selling “Stand UP To Bullying” wristbands.   If students wear their wristband all the time, they may receive a random reward some time during the semester.  We will be showing the film “Bullying” that was showcased at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2012. 

One of our biggest projects is the creation of Newman’s own Anti-Bullying Video, “Let’s Make Newman A Bully Free Zone”.  The video is being created by students from our Communications Technology Video class under the supervision of Mr. Scinocca.