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Alumni 1990 - 1994

[Updated 1 January 2021]

Below are the profiles of the students who graduated from St John Henry Newman Catholic High School or as it was known in the 90's - Cardinal Newman Catholic High School - between 1990 and 1994.

The names in the list and the alumni profiles are arranged by family name in alpha order.

Alumnus Year​s at Newman
Anthony Chau 1989 - 1994
Chris De Sa ​1986 - 1991
​Barbara (Campitelli) Doran
1989 - 1993
​Edward Keenan ​1988 - 1992
​Waleuska Lazo ​1987 - 1990
​David Macpherson 1988 - 1992
Jesmen Mendoza 1986 - 1991
​Elisa Moolecherry 1986 - 1991
Chris Murphy 1985 - 1990
Patrick Powers 1988 - 1992

Anthony Chau 1989 - 1994

Anthony Chau attended Cardinal Newman from 1989 to 1994.  At Newman he was involved in Reach for the Top, the yearbook, the musical production "Into the Woods", the choir and the keyboarding ensemble. He attended Seneca College, and after graduating as a computer and electronics technologist and working in industry, he went back to school for Tool and Die  and completed his Apprenticeship to become a certified Tool and Die Maker. He is currently a machinist and machine designer at Sunnybrook Research Institute where he designs and builds pre-clinical therapeutic ultrasound devices for use in MRI, CT and diagnostic ultrasound

Anthony Chau.jpg

Anthony's machines are used in research by scientists and physicists to prove and to develop new and radical non-invasive treatments for cancers as well as other diseases and disorders. His machines have been used in research to open the Blood Brain Barrier, to develop targeted drug 
delivery techniques as well as used in tumor ablation and in other therapies. He designed and built the world's first commercial pre-clinical cross-platform MRI-CT compatible therapeutic ultrasound 
system as well as the world's smallest two axis therapeutic ultrasound system for use in small bore MRI and CT machines with diameters as small as 70mm (2.75 inches). His machines are used in numerous university research labs from Sunnybrook, Sick Kids, Cornell and Johns Hopkins in 
North America to research hospitals in Korea and Taiwan. 

Chris de Sa   1986 - 1991
Chris de Sa was a student at Cardinal Newman from 1986 to 1991.  While at Newman he played rugby and was the class valedictorian at graduation. 
de Sa, Chris.jpg

 Chris received his B.A. from York University and his LL.B. and M.B.A. from the University of Toronto. While in law school, he was a research assistant to Professor Kent Roach, one of Canada's foremost experts in criminal and constitutional law. He  articled and practised civil litigation at two large firms before joining the Department of Justice Canada as extradition counsel in 2002. In 2004, he became Crown counsel with the Public Prosecution Service of Canada. 

His work has included large-scale investigations and prosecutions, as well as criminal appeals before the Ontario Court of Appeal. In addition, he has published academic papers on issues related to evidence and criminal law, including entrapment and informant privilege. In October 2016 Chris was appointed a judge of the Superior Court of Justice in and for the Province of Ontario in Newmarket.
Justice de Sa was born and raised in Scarborough. His parents, both of South Asian descent, immigrated to Canada from Kenya and both worked in the justice sector. From them, Justice de Sa inherited a deep-seated commitment to hard work, public service, fairness, and compassion. He lives with his young family outside of Toronto, where he coaches youth soccer and volunteers at his church on a weekly basis.

Barbara (Campitelli) Doran   1989 - 1993
Barbara (Campitelli) Doran attended Cardinal Newman from 1989 to 1993.  At Newman she was involved with the concert band where she played the flute and piccolo, stage band as a singer as well as talent nights and fashion shows.  Barb was a soloist at many school masses.  She was the first to complete the OAC music credit at the school as Mr. Marrone received special approval to grant her the credit for her independent work.
  Doran, Barbara.jpg

Barb’s education included three years at York University as a Fine Arts major as well as one year at Fanshawe College in Recording Engineering.  Barb is now pursuing an exciting career as a country singer.
Once Doran got serious about a career in music, she never looked back.  She put a band together and took every gig she could before recording her debut EP in 2009.  Along the way she's developed a unique style influenced by a diverse group of artists ranging from Miranda Lambert and Sara Evans to Sheryl Crow, Deric Ruttan, Kacey Musgraves and Tori Amos.  "I've always looked for good songs, in any genre," she says, "something that's like, 'Wow, what an interesting way of saying that."
Since her debut, Doran's unique brand of country and singular voice have garnered her a number of opportunities and accolades, including nominations for the first round ballot at the inaugural 2012 CMAO awards in four categories and the chance to perform at The Diamond in the Rough Showcase in Saskatoon at Canadian Country Music Week.
Most recently, Doran also qualified as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, a finalist in the Great American Songwriting Competition and landed a spot on the Nashville Songwriter's Association 2014 "Ones to Watch" list.  Additionally, as a coordinator with the Nashville Songwriter's Association, Doran runs songwriter's workshops for Canadian-based artists, and regularly travels to Music City to meet and perform with a vast number of other songwriters at local open mic nights
Check out Barb's website and latest videos at her website.

                                Edward Keenan  1988 - 1992

Edward Keenan was a student at Cardinal Newman from 1988 until 1992. An eight-time National Magazine Award nominee, he now is a columnist for The Star, he is a Senior Editor of The Grid who writes regularly on politics, cities and culture. Edward is the author of the book Some Great Idea which was published in January 2013 by Coach House Books.  He has been a contributing editor at Spacing magazine, a blogger for The Walrus, senior editor of Eye Weekly, and an editor for Yonge Street, Canadian Immigrant, Vacancy, Sway and a variety of other publications. Edward Keenan 1988 - 1992.jpg

He edited the book Stroll by Shawn Micallef (winner of the 2011 Toronto Heritage Award) for Coach House Books, and also contributed essays to Coach House’s anthologies uTOpia: Towards a New Toronto (a Toronto Book Award finalist) and Local Motion. His writing on politics, cities, the environment, the arts, sports and sexuality have appeared in a variety of publications including Maissoneuve,  ,Maclean’s, The Globe and Mail and On Nature, and he has also recently written scripts produced and aired on television.

Edward is a nine-time National Magazine Award finalist, including honourable mentions in the Arts, Society, Columns and Essays categories. Last year, he was shortlisted for the Canadian Online Publishing Association award for best blogger.

In addition to running a freelance writing business as a sideline to his full-time job, Edward has received media executive training through the Rotman School of Management, has experienced the writer-editor relationship from both sides of the desk, served in management in both small and large companies and once owned and operated a restaurant.

A Ryerson University School of Journalism dropout, he has been a visiting lecturer in various courses on writing and publishing at the University of Toronto and Centennial College, and has taught and mentored dozens of editorial interns over the course of nearly a decade.

He lives in The Junction with his wife Rebecca and their three children.  You can follow Edward on Twitter at @thekeenanwire.

                                                   [14 December /2020]

Edward is currently the Toronto Star’s Washington Bureau Chief. 


                                  Waleuska Lazo  1987 - 1990

Waleuska Lazo attended Cardinal Newman from 1987 to 1990 after coming to Canada as a refugee from Nicaragua.   At Newman she was a student in ESL. She is now an entrepreneur, writer, and mother of two with a flair for telling compelling, relevant, and thought-provoking stories. Her writing is raw and healing because it evokes a range of emotions and life-changing behavior in her readers. From her perso nal journey of self-development has come the mission to help women reclaim their natural power. Her latest book is The Best Worst Thing that Happened to Me.
Waleuska Lazo book coverV2.jpg
She earned a bachelor’s degree and then a master’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Toronto. In 1995, Waleuska cofounded Embanet, an e-learning provider of higher education, and sold it in 2007. In 2009, she cofounded the Magnum Opus Group. MOG builds homes for discerning home buyers, homes where dreams are born and legacies are made.

Waleuska’ s passion for writing led her to establish DreamCatcher Print in 2011. Through its aegis, she has published a series of books for young readers about real-life heroes, which inspire children to lead better lives.

Waleuska Lazo splits her time between homes in Hollywood, Florida and Toronto.

                                  David MacPherson 1988 - 1992

David MacPherson was a student at Cardinal Newman from 1988 until 1992.  After high school he studied at McMaster University where he earned an Honours B.Sc. in Biology and Pharmacology in 1998. David then went on to complete his Ph.D. in Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2005.  In 2004 while at MIT he was awarded the David Koch Graduate Fellowship for his studies.  David MacPherson.jpg

David did his graduate work with Tyler Jacks at MIT where his research focused on mouse models of retinoblastoma and other cancers.

After graduating in 2005, he joined the faculty of the Carnegie Institution Department of Embryology as a Staff Associate, an alternative to traditional postdoctoral work, where he expanded his research program to include study of small cell lung cancer (SCLC).

During the years 2011 to 2015 David was an American Cancer Society Research Scholar. 
In 2012 he moved to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center as an Assistant Member, where he now leads a research group with a major focus on understanding the mutated genes that drive SCLC. 

His research includes the generation and study of a panel of genetically engineered mouse models of SCLC harboring different driver gene mutations, as well as patient-derived xenograft models. His lab is using these tools to link mutations in specific genes to sensitivity towards novel therapeutic approaches.

                                                         [1 January 2021]

David is an Associate Professor in the Human Biology Division and the Public Health Sciences Division at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.


                                 Jesmen Mendoza  1986 - 1991

Jesmen Mendoza attended cardinal Newman from 1986 – 1991. Cardinal Newman. Jesmen received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Trent University and his Masters in Counselling Psychology from the University of Western Ontario.  He completed his Doctorate at OISE in 2007. He has worked at Ryerson University since 2004.Jesmen Mendoza 1986 - 1991.jpg

Dr. Jesmen Medoza specializes in counselling, social anxiety, depression, sexuality, sexual orientation, abuse, violence in relationships. Stress management and anger management. He does group counselling on depression, anxiety, family relationships, shyness and CBT primer groups.

                                                        [ 20 December 2020]

Jesmen now has his own company, Mendoza Psychological Services and Consulting.

                               Elisa Moolecherry 1986 - 1991

Eliza Moolecherry attended Cardinal Newman from 1986 to 1991. She was active in drama productions at Newman. Elisa is a graduate of the Specialization in Theatre Performance Program at Concordia University. Elisa has starred in the TV series  “the City” and in The Newsroom”. She also had a recurring role as the character Sydney in the Degrassi: The Next Generation. She has also had parts in numerous shows and movies including Eerie Indiana, Monk, Starhunter, Total Recall 2070. Puppets Who Kill and Wildcard.
Elisa Moolecherry BeMe theatre poster.jpg

Elisa has been living in Europe and has established an English language theatre company first in Barcelona which then relocated to Munich in 2007 to become Bavaria’s first English language theatre. Over the years, Elisa has successfully made the transition from actor to artistic director to entrepreneur and now offers regular English language productions for anglophile Germans and theatre starved expats along with her German husband, Felix Leicher, who is BeMe’s managing director.

For more info on Elisa and the BeMe Theatre, visit their website or copy/paste the url

                                                     [20 December 2020]

Elisa is now an Independent Performing Arts Professional based in Toronto.

 Chris Murphy   1985 - 1990
Chris Murphy was a student at Cardinal Newman from 1985 to 1990.  While at Newman he was a wrestling champion but there was little thought of him becoming a television meteorologist.  Chris began working at The Weather Network in August 1999 and all these years later, still loves coming to work everyday. "It's an honour and privilege to do this everyday - talking to Canadians about something that affects us all, all the time."
 Murphy, Chris.jpg

An avid fisherman, recreational golfer and all around outdoor enthusiast,Chris' small-town charm often surprises people to learn he was born and raised in Toronto.
He is very proud to have visited 9 provinces: "we live in the most beautiful country in the world" - and looks forward to visiting the Territories...preferably in the summer!
Creatively combining 3 of his passions — history, weather and story telling — Chris has woven together five short documentaries commemorating some of Canada's biggest weather events. Each one has aired on TWN.
From June 2011 to July 2012, Chris took a hiatus from on air work to become a producer for the late morning and afternoon shows. "A real eye–opener...putting together a show is a lot of work, but richly rewarding". He is thankful for the opportunity to expand his skill set.
Chris returned back to the airwaves July 23, 2012, doing what he does best — delivering a forecast with a side of humour and humility.

Chris is happily married and proposed to his beloved in Paris. They were married in Mexico and honeymooned in New Orleans. "I'm an extremely lucky and thankful man".


Patrick Powers 1988 - 1992
Patrick Powers attended Cardinal Newman from 1988-1992.  While there, he participated on the Softball team and fondly recalls his time in Walter Rubino’s O.A.C. Drama class, which he credits in helping “fan the creative flame” that led to a career in Radio Broadcasting.
From a young age music played an important part in Patrick’s life and his time at Cardinal Newman led him to a Co-Op placement at the University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus radio station (90.5 CSCR).  Following High School, Patrick graduated from Seneca College’s Radio & Television Broadcasting program with High Honours in 1999 and has been the Creative Director and On Air Talent at Durham Radio Inc. 
 Patrick Powers.JPG

Patrick is also a freelance voice over artist and has been featured in commercials, video games, narration and cartoons including 3 seasons on Shut Up Cartoon’s Teleporting Fat Guy portraying Master Sheng Woo, Evander Holyfield and Chuck Norris among others.
 Patrick is happily married with 2 daughters and currently resides in Durham Region where he continues his passion for Radio and voice acting.